23 23

23 on 23. Oops. I think age is a very sensitive issue to girls but why should we? I think girls should be proud about their age. Like my uncle said: not everyone get to age gracefully. Not everyone has the opportunity to grow older.

This year's birthday I celebrated with my two most important friends after work. We went to Craft Brews at Menara Batu Kawan, Jalan PJU 7/6 (just opposite Tesco, Mutiara Damansara). It's a lovely quiet place to go for a drink and their beer there is quite special but extremely expensive. Half a pint cost RM19. I thought 1/2 pint is 500ml but actually not ~ it's 250ml only. However, the food portion there is huge til the extend where I can only finish half of it. The service there is very good too. Friendly and well-mannered.

Love the ambiance there but didn't snap a picture. This is the back of my seat and they have special alcohol bottles all around.
They have various alcohols.
Love this caption ♥
Weiner (wheat beer) and Monster Green (the colour is green due to Spirulina).
Both has lighter alcohol content. Personally love my drink more - Monster Green. Weiner tasted like Hoegaarden but a little more sourish.

Roast pork to serve with the beer (RM16).
Rosemary Chicken set (RM28).
Dory Fish set (RM26).
Tomato soup that comes together with our set meal.
Food Rating: 3.5/7 (Not as sumptuous as Full House)
Environment: 5/7
Service: 7/7

This year's birthday, I didn't blow any candle as I was too full to eat the birthday cakes CK and Jess bought for me. My colleague even bring me to eat Sushi for lunch. Thank you. I actually kept quiet about my birthday from everyone. DC didn't even know it is my birthday while he arrived until CK told him. He didn't wish me birthday right then but until the time he fetched me home. 11.58pm, just 2 minutes before my birthday ends.

Mille Crepe@ Austin Chase, Sunway Giza. Melted as we have been carrying the cake around since after lunch but I didn't eat it as we are too full. It tasted nicer than Food Foundry but still loses to the one at Malacca. I still have another piece of Cheese cake in the refrigerator.

Rating: 5/7 (sorry it's not that accurate as it has already melted and I can't really feel the layers of the cake or else the rating could be 6/7).
Malacca Nadeje: 7/7.
Food Foundry: 5.5/7 (Higher rating because the person brought me there as a surprise).

I would like to personally thank those who really remember my birthday not because of FB posting especially CK. Thank you 亲爱的 ♥。Special thank to Jess and Ray for celebrating with me during lunch. And last but not least, DC. I prefer spending quality time with friends whom I am very close and comfortable with rather than a whole big group but not close friend.