Island of the Eagle (Updated)

Okay. Finally after 2 months plus from the trip that I'm going to blog about Langkawi. Actually I was supposed to go out just now but then around 4-5pm it starts to drizzle. So, I can't leave my house. I've actually managed to eliminate my wants of going out but then I haven't go to Proton to do my showroom report. Yet, I finally chose to stay home cause it is raining. Sigh. I actually wanted to go to Starbucks and relax there as some times, home don't feel like home. However, I clean the house so it feels very comfortable now. Yeah ^^ Right now, I can blog about Langkawi or else it don't know how long I will drag to blog about it.

The first thing preparing to go Langkawi is transportation and accommodation. Be careful when you go and buy the bus ticket. You should get the 33 seating bus instead of double decker or normal bus as it will be more comfortable. My friend who has no experience was cheated by the ticket seller as that person kept telling him that the bus ticket is 33 seaters.

The journey if not mistaken takes 7-9hours bus ride. Sit until the butt also pain. Ferry will take around 45 minutes to an hour. Pity D as he has to share seat with someone else on the bus. Cramp there and when we go back, the passenger in front of him put the sit so down. RM42 for one bus trip while RM18 for ferry. Total transportation in RM120. But when we reached Langkawi, we rented a car. Car rental is RM100 per day if I didn't remember wrongly. We were given an old Proton Wira which bring back memory as I used to travel to Genting in my uncle's Wira last time. He had sell off his Wira for a long time.

We stayed at Zackry Guest House which is a lot cheaper than hotels. The three of us shared a room - 1 queen size bed and 1 single size bed. Just be sure to ask for the room inside because the one located near the entrance looks a bit more unacceptable, it's 3 single beds and the mattresses are very worn out. Our room one is better. It is more like the time I stayed at Plaza Prima. Mattress is of course better than student's bed. We took the triple air conditioned ensuite. It's RM30 per person per night. (Sorry no picture on the room as I forgotten to snap it).

We didn't plan our trip so it is very relaxing as we sleep until enough then only start our journey. We just go wherever the map shows as tourist attraction. Food, Makam Mahsuri, Pantai Pasir Hitam, Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, cable car ride in Langkawi and of course not to be missed out the Eagle Square. Not many places that we have visited within these short 3 days trip. The scenery at the cable car there is extremely gorgeous. Lovely and worth the RM30 just for the ride. Once on top, there's a bridge hanging so high up for people to walk and have a look at the scenery. I overcome my fear to walk til the end and walk back to the ground. Yeah ^^ Success... ♥
Makam Mahsuri. Have heard of her story since Standard One. This is one of the Malay local legend that I remember the most from primary school. That time was Pn Zaharah (my Standard 1 class teacher) who told us this story.
Telaga Tujuh. We only went up part of it as it's already very tiring.
Pantai Pasir Hitam. The sand is black at this beach but my friends said that it is not as black as it used to be.
My artistic work... ;p
Took this picture while we are in the cable car.
This too.
This is from the top of the place when we came out from the cable car.
This is taken from the bridge.
We are in the middle of the bridge. Imagine how far away we are from the sea level.
The famous Eagle statue.
The seafood there is awesome and cheap. Yummylicious. The most unforgettable one would be our dinner at Orkid Ria. Fresh, big, juicy and extremely cheap seafood. Worth it.
1st dinner at Orkid Ria.
Menu: Fish, 3 big prawns, 1 vege.
Total damage: RM 125.
Rating: 7/7

Lunch at town, a corner shop (some where before Jetty).
Last dinner at Langkawi town. Also around 10 minutes drive from Jetty.
Menu: Fish, Lala and Mantis Shrimp.
Cost: RM50.
Rating: 5.5/7.
The alcohol there is so damn cheap. RM1.50 for a can of Calsberg and RM1.60 for a can of 100 plus. Which would you choose? I chose 100 plus in the noon. I can't drink that time so I chose not to as I feel weird to drink alcohol during the bright day light. If it is now, I think I would feel okay to choose beer. But during that time, we only drink at night apart from D. I love the chocolate martini that he treated us the second night. So delicious. It don't even taste like alcohol. D said that guys love to serve girls with martini as it taste like chocolate and it's easier to get them drunk.

Previously I got a lot to blog about on Langkawi but after so many months, I don't think I still remember what I wanna blog about any more. Here are the price of items I bought in Langkawi @ Coco Valley:
酒心巧克力 - Jack Daniel RM14.90 and Cherry RM14.90.
Nougat RM21.90.
Ciggie - Pall Mall RM46, Dunhill RM58.
Alcohol - Baileys RM50
1 person can only buy 1 big pack of ciggie and 1 litre of alcohol without tax at the customs. If not mistaken, the quantity will increase depending on the days you are staying there.

Souvenir from Langkawi
Can I have another memorable trip again?

Saw this is my wallet yesterday. Memorable:

Our agreement. Extremely funny.
Me - Enjoy and play
CK - Enjoy and play

♥ Buy bus tickets
♥ Plan everything
♥ Driver
♥ Bodyguard
♥ Foot the bill $$
♥ Do everything
♥ Not allow to smoke (1 day 1 ciggie)
♥♥ Have to listen to Me and CK. NO OBJECTION.

Damn funny. D agreed to all condition except the last one. We put an "x" at that agreement and he signed it. Then we made that x into a bigger star. A more important clause. Hehe... ♥