Turning into a monster (Updated)

Help me!!! I'm turning into a monster. Ever since I told my friend about my allergic when I was young, she kept saying that I am "transforming". The red marks/rashes/patches are getting worst everyday. It's been here since early June. What is wrong with me? If you say it's because of food, I wouldn't say it is as I've been consuming different thing everyday. If you say that the house is not clean, definitely not as I've changed bed sheet before the rashes started; I cleaned the house weekly. So, what is the matter?

It's getting worst after few minutes from the first pic. Argh...
It comes on and off so whenever I want to go and see the doctor, they are all gone. It's worst during the night. How do I sleep? Itch like crazy that I have to bite my own hand so that I don't go and scratch. First time I bite myself not because I wanted the pain but because I have to stop myself from spreading the "patches" every where.

29 June 12.30am
I just went to the doctor last night. The doctor can't even diagnose what is the problem. >.< I showed him the picture and his expression was in shock. He said it is really bad. Very bad. Since he can't diagnose it, he said could be what Chinese people called as "fong mok". He gave me a course of medicine for standard allergic which would last for 4 days. Hopefully it will be gone after that.