Argh... The 4 days medication not working at all. I am transforming again once I finished the medicine. I think it's time to go back PD to let the Chinese sinsei see if it's "snake" or "fong mok". Or should I go to my skin doctor at Rantau. Dr Tan is a good one at Rantau. I had serious allergic problem once I shifted back to PD. The worst period was during Form 3. He's a good "skin specialist" (some would describe it although he is just a normal clinic doctor). He helped me minimized my allergic problem. My cuz bro-in-law who had serious pimple problem is also cured by him. I am disciplining myself from scratching all the red patches that keeps appearing all over my back and hand. So itchy.

I better record this down before I forgotten. Little J kissed me last Saturday @ 2July. ♥ His tiny hand pulled my face over and then *muack* hehe... Lucky he didn't bite me. But still I would have blog about it in the same manner. Still loving it. He only bitten me on my Chinese birthday. Until now still no record.

Went to Citta Mall last weekend. It's just a newly launched building. Only a few shops opened like Subway, +Wondermilk, RHB Easy, Baci, San Francisco Coffee.
The shops at 1 side, walkway another. Open concept without air-conditioned.
Very bright and broad walkway
Looking out from the pathway
Still under construction
+Wondermilk (Franchise from the one at Uptown)
RHB Easy. Should have let D know and see his reaction.
San Francisco Coffee
Baci - seems like an interesting Italian restaurant
The interior and menu. Seems quite a reasonable price
Purposely took picture of it but can't see the shop name clearly
 Went there and I spent RM49.xx on books. There was a Times book fair that time.
The books I bought apart from Eat Pray Love. Bought EPL since last Oct and I haven't finish it (few more chapters to go). Love EPL a lot. The longest time ever it took me to finish a book that I usually can finish in 3 days/1 week.
I bought the following books (they come in set):
Classics - RM10.45 
1a) The Phantom of the Opera
I've been attached to Phantom of the Opera since Form 3 when I read the one written by Susan Kay (which I've read almost 10 times over and over again or some times reading the part that I loved the most). The story I read had been modified and I would like to find out the original one. Although this book looks very thin (should have been the simplified version), I guess it should be sufficient. However, I can't say/judge anything yet since I haven't read it.

1b) The Prince
The Prince? I really got no idea what that book is about but I can just read it since I love novels/storybooks a lot. Actually I wanted to buy just Phantom of the Opera as they did have classics sold separately at RM5 but too bad they come together.

John Gray Mars and Venus @ RM38.40
2a) Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Someone talked me into buying this set of book. I wanted to read them but not as eager as EPL or Phantom of the Opera that I would spend money buying them. I bought EPL without any discount; bought it at its original price of RM40/50 over. The first time I would spend RM50 for a book which I would usually borrow from a friend/relative/book shop that rent books to people. I know the book is about relationship. I think it just don't work for gf/bf relationship but also relationship with other people. A short sentence describing the content of the book is "the classic guide for understanding the opposite sex". I guess the book that was attached together that has a bigger influence in my decision is buying this set of books.

2b) Mars and Venus Starting Over
The summary for this book is "a practical guide for finding love again after a painful breakup, divorce or a loss of a loved one". I think I should learn to love again. To give others and myself a chance rather than denying others a chance right from the beginning. I should learn to face the problem than keep avoiding. No matter who's wrong or right, losing a love one is never easy as you can't immediately stop caring the other person as though they never existed. And also to make sure that the love/care you have for someone else is not because you have diverted the love from the first to the latter. For someone who is still alive, you can still care for them without letting them know. 默默的守候. But what about the one that goes to the other world? How to let go off them? How to untie the knot?