Cuz Wedding

Attended a lovely and sweet wedding this weekend. Lovely church wedding. I always love church wedding and hoped that I can have one even though I am not Christian and never have the intention to switch my religion but future circumstances nobody will know but for now, I am still the same.

So many lovely songs sang and I forgotten to ask the title of the main song when the bride was walking down the aisle. The most memorable song will be "yue liang dai biao wo de xin". Partly it reminded me of someone who love singing this song too.

The rendition of this song is Hakka and Hainan is very good. Bravo for the effort put in. It was lovely. Distance and time are not a problem if two person love each other and the previous videos proven that both need to put in effort to keep it running and not being a seasonal friend. When one is angry/being emo, then the other run off. This is definitely not true love. It's evidence enough that the other ain't serious of the relationship. Running away from a bad weather then how could the relationship last long? Love story that runs across UK and Belgium and both reunited in 1 Malaysia. Meaningful.

If anybody would ask me what's my prince charming like, I would say please refer to my cousin brothers. They are my idea of prince charming since young - smart, good academy record, good leader, good in sports, musically talented, witty, creative, funny, hilarious, good in socialising, excel in everything they do but at the same time they are very humble, down to earth, family guy....etc. But I only see this in the family tree and not anyone outside. They seem flawless to me. However, I think all this ain't important. I don't need a rich, handsome guy as bf/husband. What's more important is someone whom loves me above everything. Seeing the perfection within the imperfection of a relationship. Someone whom I want to spend my whole life with.

Had the dinner at Indulgence Ipoh. A lovely place. If I got the chance, I don't mind going back to that place. The food and alcohol serve is quite nice. And something very different from all the wedding dinner I've attended. Something westernized for a Chinese family. I've always loved this type of wedding dinner. Classy, elegance and entertaining. Not those noisy wedding (or I would say kampung-styled) which you would feel damn bad inviting your bosses over as they might think that it's very uncivilized.

Dinner at a banglo...
Alcohols ♥
I'm being an alcoholic.....

My cousin's story of "WHAT SHOULD I DO?" is a lovely and sweet one as he made the right decision of going after his (now) wife. And now WHAT SHOULD I DO? would be a step in my career. A big decision I must make.