Mars vs Venus

Yesterday suppose to have a cousin gathering @ farewell for a cousin who is leaving to America to work for 2 years. So nice that his company sends him here and there. Previously was Japan. And right now, he is bringing his wife along. I think it's cancelled as he was busy packing.

As usual, a busy girl I am, I was supposed to go for crab. Apparently Ray found a nice and cheap place to eat crab at Klang but ffk last minute. But then I still go out since today the only Saturyday I don't have to wake up early for training. Yeah!!!

A lovely Friday night with 3 funny friends. I had a good laugh during our late late late dinner and when the restaurant closed, we proceeded to Starbucks continuing our "猜迷" session. Laughing at all our cold and lame jokes especially the penguin question: Why penguin's front body is white? ~ until my stomach ached.

Then I played my childhood tricks on one of them. Why hadn't I remember these tricks and come to think of it, I've never play it on anyone else since primary school and he got tricked. Funny. Haha...

Read this today morning and found it to be very meaningful:
"The Martians (man) and Venusians (woman) languages had the same words, but the way they were used gave different meanings." (Gray, J 2004)

Example 1:
When woman said "we never go out", a man respond will be "That's not true, we went out last week."
In actual fact is that when that sentence is translated to men language it simply meant "I feel like going out and doing something together. We always have such a fun time, and I love being with you. What do you think? Would you take me out to dinner? It has been a few days since we went out."

For a guy, they will literally translate it to "You are not doing your job. What a disappointment you have turned out to be. We never do anything together anymore because you are lazy, unromantic and just boring."

Example 2:
When man said "I'm ok", a woman will respond "I know something's wrong. What is it?"
If it is translated properly to woman language, it meant "I am ok. I can deal with my upset. I don't need any help. Thank you."

For a woman, they will think that "I am not willing to share with you my upset feelings. I do not trust you to be there for me."

There's a lot more to learn and understand that we, human of different sexes thinks very differently even for such simple sentences. Not just between sexes but some times, different people interpret the same message differently. Communication is never an easy task. Being a mass communication student or I should say practitioner, there's a lot more to learn.