Mr Popper's Penguin + Super 8

Mr Popper's Penguin
Jim Carrey never loses his charm. A very good comedian yet charming and smart looking. He looks a lot more older though. Any way, lovely movie. Heart warming as well as hilarious.

6 cute penguins (Captain, Bitey, Lovey, Nimrod, Stinky and Loudy) that bring a broken family closer and changed a workaholic to realized that loves and family are the most important thing in life. Who would you be if there's no one to share your success with?

I wanted a pet too. My colleague was giving his toy poddle away but mum and sis say NO! because Little J  crawls on the floor, no place for the doggy as I'm staying at a condo, I am working late nights (no one to care for the dog) :-(

Rating: 5/7 This is Little Kitten (Bald Eagle/Tippie Toe/Mama Bird) Over and Out.

Calling myself a "cat". Haha... This is  because not just once being said that I resemble a cat. Got my nickname "Kucheng" (Kucing in Malay is cat) when I was in Primary 5. D said I am like a cat and now 2 more colleagues said I am a good, tame, quiet kitty cat while we were drinking at the pantry the other night. I wanted to say that I'll bite if provoked/ feel at harm BUT I just smile... Haha... My boss nicknamed me "Little Tiger" before I even started working. I guess I some how really give people that persona of a cat. 

Super 8
Something that keeps you guessing what's the thing that causes all the problem. It managed to capture people's attention. No wonder the main actress looks familiar. She is Dakota Fanning's sister. And I've watched her in "I am Sam".

Rating: 4.5/7

Next target... I wanna watch "A Beautiful Life" (不再让你孤单).