Like history repeating itself. Lost of appetite, diarrhea and vomit - something that happened about 11 months ago. Plus a sad day. Cried but for a different reason. Additional thing to my sickness right now is that I'm having fever and also low blood pressure. Feeling very weak and dizzy as I vomited out what I ate. Plus my skin problem is still ongoing. The doctor said that if it persist within 4 days of a new medication, he will send me to a specialist.

First time MC for 2 days straight. If I am still feverish tomorrow, then I need to go back to the clinic again. Aiks... I need to make sure I am healthy tomorrow. I hate feeling this sick and tired although I've been sleeping the whole day yesterday and today. Isk...

And I am so so so hungry although I got no appetite to eat plus whatever consume is being processed out. Luckily mummy made me something nice to drink to replenish energy and blood.

爱心 red dates, longan and wolfberries drink ♥

Yesterday I have to take public transport out to see doctor. Tired and sleepy but still have to go out on my own. *Sad* I don't wanna "ma fan" anyone so I went out on my own without asking anyone to fetch me to the clinic. While I was on my on my way out, the bus put up this extremely emo song making me sick and emo too:

Although the following song is the same, I think the one sang by JJ is more positive while Vivian is more sad and emotional. I personally prefer Vivian's version as the song is sang with more emotion: