Work @ 2nd family + Transformer 3

Haven't blog for few days. Few days but since recently nothing much to talk about so I don't feel very long. Since I am lazy to blog, I look back and check if there's any post I forgotten to post and guess what? I found this post which was written way back on 1 June. It seems that I didn't finish this post so I'm going to continue here. And so, it begins:

Actually I finally agree with everyone that we spend most of our time in office and we should like it. We are there 5 days a week and at least 8 hours a day. We spend lesser time at home and most of it is use to sleep. So, basically office is our 2nd home. The people there are like our 2nd family. I am grateful to have a whole bunch of good colleagues who treat me very good. It was not as scary as what others said that there's always office politic. And they are all very willing to teach me. I love this family. ♥

I'll just focus on my own unit in this blog since there's so many good people in the office that's very good. My boss is around my eldest sister's age but he gave me the feel of a big daddy. Last week (the end of May, the week where I'm extremely busy with the New Myvi launch), whenever I was alone in the office rushing everything on my own, I felt.... I don't know how to describe. Not scared, just more worry as my manager is not around and that there's too many things to follow up alone. But when I saw him walking in, I felt save/secure. Just like seeing a daddy. Seeing someone there for me even though I am still doing the work. At least there's someone I can turn to when I have problem. Then there's my extremely bff, CK - however, she left just end of last month. >.< Although I advised you to stay on for a few months more, I will always support you no matter what your decision is.

My current manager is a friendly one. Someone who always say that "I will not treat you as a subordinate. We work as a team". My ex-manager is my motivator. I look upon her and hope that one day I can be like her. Apart from them, within the same unit, we have 2 teams handling different brand. N, a friend I can click with once we met. A good comfortable one. Just to add on to the family, Jess who has just join a few weeks. She brings joy to the place. And Dwayne who had just joined in 3 days ago. Well come to the group.
My lovely work space. I love the earlier one too but then it's very dim. It's more tidy as I occupied 2 people's cabinet.The current place is a lovely one as it is very bright, right next to the window, a lot more spacious to fit in all the files and documents from the manager and previous team. Only my place has all the previous and current files/documents.
And yesterday was the first time I watch movie with almost more than half the hall are people I know. Inmagine sponsored us for the movie. I didn't request for the ticket because I don't wanna disturb people to fetch me but last minute, my FA artist is so good. She helped find an extra ticket and arrange transport for people to fetch me back. Thanks to Anne for getting me the ticket, WM for giving me your extra ticket, Ray for fetching me over to ECurve and have dinner with me, Jess for being a great movie companion, Lawrence and YYee for fetching me back. Thanks a lot.

Transformer 3 review

A very nice and interesting movie. I don't really remember the first one as I watch it through laptop. I didn't watch the second one as that time I reserved it to watch with my ex but he watched it with someone else. Without comparing to the 2nd one, I think the first one is nicer although my memory about it is vague. Transformer 3 is funny especially sitting together with Jess ^^. Lovely. But I do think that the movie is a little long.

The actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is very attractive, very voluptuous. She looks like a friend of mine but of course she is 100% more prettier. It's just that the characteristic and her facial expression just look like my friend. I still miss Bumble Bee from the first Transformer for being more funny and entertaining but there's very few element of it inside. Nevertheless, it's a good movie.

Rating: 5/7