Presentation & Kissaten

I think I better blog while I have the chance because I will be crazily busy this coming week. I'm guessing I might have to work round the clock for the whole week and can't go to Bukit Cahaya for me recci this Wednesday with my team mates. Sorry. I feel like a non contributing member as I am always late for discussion and I don't even have the time to think about the project because of daily work. The other night discussion at 8.30pm, I only went in at 10.30pm yet I was checking visuals inside and answering client calls here and there. I feel so so so bad.

Any way last Saturday's "Presentation and Selling Skill" was good. I heard from one of the group 1 members that it's dreadful BUT I found it to be very nice. Although I am pack with loads of jobs, I'm looking forward for the next class (the final class) to see if I will improvise or not. I was rated "red" in my presentation. How does this scoring work? Well basically there's 3 colours to be judged from - red, blue and grey. Think of the colour red. What do you think of? Hot, spicy, passionate,.... Blue will be cool and calm. And what do you think about grey? It's dull and you don't remember anything. People will judge us based on colour (full red/blue, bluish red, bluish grey....) but I got a full red. Yeah!

BUT BUT BUT I have many weaknesses too. Watching back a video of my own presentation felt so odd. I was laughing when I was looking at myself in the screen. I can feel my face blushing which is worst than the moment I am presenting. I need to fix my weaknesses of touching my hair as it was distracting (Shery asked me to pin it up the next round), knee-jerking while I pressed the down button to the next slide, unprepared (as I forgotten to turn on the volume), not to hold on to notes as I didn't even refer to it once (must be because I was not confidence enough so I bring along a small note).... I think basically that's it. And I didn't expect to be parred with Mr Full Blue to be the best presenter. He was so cool and calm that I like his presentation a lot and voted for him. No weakness. I feel so bad to get the same amount of vote as he does. I don't think I presented very well and my presentation s*cks.

I haven't Sing K for 3 months and finally get to sing yesterday. After karaoke, we adjourn to our colleagues' fair at I don't know where. They sell shoes accessories and you can actually go to their blog Mate to buy their product. The accessories can be use for other purposes ~ accessories for clothes, pin it on your hair band... etc.

Thank you for getting this for me ^^
(Mr Penguin showing his support to our colleague)
And then we went to Kissaten @ Jaya One for it's char siu pizza. Yummy ^^ Went there drinking before. I think I didn't blog about it. I kinda like Paulaner as it tasted very different from the beers I had before. The spaghetti there is nice too but the mushroom soup still can't beat Full House.

First time eat char siu pizza (Pic taken from Kissaten FB).
The boss is a photographer so all his menu pic look damn nice.
 I took this myself back in June. Damn different from the menu. =p
Food rating: It varies. I have eaten here few times and some food is very nice and some is average. So, to pro rate ~ 4.5/7 it is.

Here's a nice song to end the night:

Rating: 7/7 (First time listen to this song already fall in love with it). ♥♥♥