I'm tired but while waiting for my hair to dry, I better blog today or else it's gonna be next week already. This is going to be an extremely long blog post since I didn't really blog for quite some times.

Hmm... Let's pick up from the place I left. My 2nd presentation was not as good as my 1st. The feedback I got was that I'm not as "passionate" and "sparkling" as my previous presentation. The reason being was I've been working very late few days before the practice and have been working the whole weekend before that.

The final presentation was scary. I got questioned til I don't know how to answer. Although people said I did very well, I think I'm not good in my skill to "menggoreng". Or I should say that I don't even know how to "menggoreng". I'm still the straightforward me.

I would say, at least I am still who I am after being in servicing for 1 year plus. Simple... I wonder if it's good or bad. But I still prefer to live life as simple as possible. Nothing's more important than being comfy for being who you are. There's no point making life so complicated.

Any way, being simple doesn't mean living without any aim. I still strive to achieve my goal/ to progress in my work. I've finally graduated from DDB University after 3.5 months of so call "hard work". Although I didn't win any award during the final presso, the experience and recognition gained are priceless/invaluable. At least the hard work don't go unrecognized. The message sent by "big daddy" was comforting enough. Everyone thought I would be the best presenter but my 6th sense says it all. I expected not to be awarded as I didn't answer questions well. With no expectation, there ain't any disappointment. Lucky or I will be emo like the time I didn't get honour for my degree. Depress for don't know how many months.

Part of the late night discussions....
Getting an hour sleep the night before the final presso was actually a blessing in disguise. Others was saying that it's crazy to sleep just an hour for a whole day but it was that ONE hour of sleep that re-energized me to present with oomph. I did something even more ~ I slept in the office after the presso (while waiting for the feedback). That's the 2nd time I slept on a table in the public. The first time was during SPM exam (EST - no wonder I scored only A2). This time I was hugging a huge blobby and didn't realized my boss saw me asleep like a little girl. *Embarrassed*

Blobby or pillow?
Finally no more training on the weekends ^^ Got my Saturday back and went to the book fest at KLCC. Spent my day meaningfully and also it was a surprise to meet Venyce after 3 years of not seeing her. She was on duty. Too bad or I'll be catching up with her.

I guess I'll stop here. Spent my Sat, Sun, Mon & Tue meaningfully. All from morning til night. ^^ There's so much more I want to blog about. And there's 3 movies that I've not review here. Damn... I'm slow. Keep you all updated soon.I'm sleepy so I am going to continue to blog about the 3 movies, book fest, food journey, KL bird park, etc..... in upcoming post(s). I wanna sleep already. Tomorrow have to leave home at 7am. Please forgive my busy schedule and hectic lifestyle.