Social Media

Okay. From today onwards I'm gonna start another section for things/videos which I find relevant to my job so that I can easily retrieve them back and also to share this knowledge with the rest as they are not just applicable to advertising but for all scope of jobs to understand the people nowadays or to even better understand today's communication process.

- 50% off the world population is under 30  years old.
- Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the Web.
- Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US.
-  50% of the mobile internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook.
- 69% of parents are "friends" with their children on social media.
- 1.5 million real farmers BUT 80 million Farmville Farmers.
- 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations,  only 14% trust advertisments >.<

A nice interesting fact - If Wikipedia were made into book, it would be 2.25 million pages long and will take people 123 years to finish it.

Next video is about LB (The place I worked/interned at before). Nothing relevant to learning new thing. Just wanted to share with people the place I used to work at. Pull to 2:04 and the place the guy is standing is where I used to sit when I was interning as a PR practitioner.