Wu Xia & KTZ

I think I've been too pessimistic recently. Yesterday's thought is so negative about my friend. I should look at it from a brighter side. Maybe he removed his comment because he thinks that it hurt me and it's not a funny joke. I shouldn't just judge someone whom I've known for so long and taken as a good friend to be someone bad and wicked. I'm sorry even if you don't see this and what I've wrote yesterday.

Wu Xia
I don't know how people review this movie but it's very slow and boring. Even when it comes to the battle, it ended not as excited as it could be. Not enough "oomph". When the show ended I was like "O... like that end liao? Okay lor..." I wouldn't say that it's a bad production as the movie has plot and storyline which is a lot better. I can't accept movie whereby the storyline does not make sense at all. What I didn't expect was that the movie is more of a detective movie than a warrior movie (this is because the title "Wu Xia" meant "martial artist"). The fighting scene is okay though but it still can't fight Ip Man.

Rating: 3/7

I love coming here for the Mango Lo. Yummy. I am always craving for the dessert here. I have been here since many years ago but never blog about it. The one I always go to is at SS2.

I usually come here for the Mango and honeydew Lo. I never order other drink apart from sharing with my family or friends. The small snack here is okay too but of course it can't fight with those shop specializing in doing dim sum/ Chinese small snack.

Food is always nicer when it is shared ♥
I used to say I don't eat vinegar (我不吃) but now I'm starting to love dipping food into it.

I have always love the dessert here but I can never get to eat back the same feeling of the dessert da bao from a friend straight to my house. That was on a request but never did I expect this friend would go all the way there, look around for parking during a weekend and buy it after I sms-ed for a favour due to some circumstances. I told the friend to grab something hot and soup-liked for 2 people and he came back with 1 bowl of hot red bean and black sesame. And that request was just asking this friend to da bao without inviting him up to eat together and because of da bao-ing for me, he was late for his next appointment. Any way, it was very sweet. Rarely would someone go to this extend for me. Or should I say I never felt this before. This was back in November 2010 and I've never shown appreciation in a proper way apart from saying thank you, took the desserts and walk away. Actually, I appreciated what you did a lot. Thank you.

And I would thank you for driving through the after office jam from Kota Damansara to fetch me and then go all the way back to 1 Utama, The Curve or some where around there to watch movie/eat dinner and then fetch me home at least once every week. This is the very first time someone would do this for me and for so many months. Thank you. I've never felt more special than this although it's all from just a friend. CK too do the same thing. ♥