I Love You

Sorry for being so negative in my thought (I am referring to the previous post).

Although I barely knows my cousin, blood is thicker than water and I do feel sad some how. I think it's normal that when the whole family is mourning, people do get affected even though they are miles apart. I could feel/see the sadness in mummy's eyes when she told me the news on Monday. I can sense it even though she looked very calm. Mummy is someone who placed 100% importance to family and to her, she cares for each and everyone in the family tree. I should have been there for her.

I did something that I rarely do when my parents dropped me at the office the other day. I told them "love you". I rarely (or should I say close to zero) tell my loved ones "I love you" as I feel odd saying them out loud. You know, I know then can already. But some times it's this word of assurance that warms someone's heart. There's an exception though. I told CK most of the time. Although it's not a serious serious type of saying I love you but we meant it when we tell each other. When's the last time you tell you parents (and loved ones) that you love them? Days? Months? Or years? It's not hard to say it. It's better saying it out than never have the chance to do so. If you have someone you love, just say it even though that person might reject you. At least you try and would never regret for nothing telling the other person about your feelings. It's always easier said than done but you have my support for doing so.

As I am blogging this, I got another news that my friend's dad (my ex teacher) had just pass away last Saturday. OMG. Although the news is not confirm, I think it should be true as the Malay saying goes "kalau tiada angin masakan pokok bergoyang". I could only say RIP.

It felt like it's a bad time of the year. September is like not a good month. Just beginning of the month already two death news. Hopefully things will take a turn. Something to brighten the days to come.

Here's a song to end the night but it's not a very emo song. I think the post these 2 days are too emo and I don't want to infect everyone with my emo-ness. Here's a nice "I love you" song that I like: