9 days of holidays (updated)

Finally a break. How I miss studying when break is longer. How I miss being a student. But still I need to be thankful for getting a break. This is going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong looooooooooooooooooooooong post.

Day 1 - Book Hunting Day
Finally it's the end of DDBU. The day after DDBU, the 1st Saturday without training any more, the 1st Saturday after my busy busy daily work too. Yeah ^^

Went to Book Fest at KLCC with Mr Penguin and friends. Although I only get to sleep 1 hour the night before, I woke up feeling so happy and refresh. I went down earlier to wait for Mr Penguin. Once I received his message that he will be late, I went up to the mart at Block A and bought HL milk to drink. I sat at the lobby and waited. I went in the car and saw Mr Penguin looking sad. He got a summon for using the emergency lane. Felt very bad cause he came all the way from home to pick us up :-(

Any way, we continue our journey. First stop was lunch at Madam Kwan. Second stop was the fair. ^^ We went on our separate ways since it's easier to shop for books alone and the 3 of them read Chinese. I am the only banana (who apparently everyone thought knows how to read Chinese) there. Once I am there, my sister called me not to buy too many books as there's another fair called The Big Bad Wolf Day in October which sells book a lot cheaper than the book fair. So, I only bought 2 books which will last me through September. I wanted to buy PS I Love You. I've read the first chapter and already weeping. Imagine me reading the whole book. I'll be crying for nights. I'll definitely buy this book sooner or later. But for now, I still have 5 books unread which can last me til maybe next year. Haha... Too busy with activity that I neglected my reading time. I forgotten to allocate time to read. I must put back reading into my schedule.

The books  I bought ♥
We had our dinner at Old China Cafe. The food is okay but quite pricey. Sorry I didn't take picture cause "pai se" to do so in front of my colleagues. Plus... the lighting is quite dim so my camera wouldn't be clear. Even more reason not to snap picture. But you can go to the website to look at the interior of the place. The ambiance is nice. 很有 feel... Very........erm..... "Nyonya" indeed.

Day 2 & 3 - Family Day + Shopping spree
I was supposed to go shopping with V but she ffk me last minute cause she is going to Hatyai. We actually planned this few weeks back saying once DDBU ended we are going to spend time shopping like the previous time. I ended up going out shopping with my family. We wanted to watch movie but we went to the cinema quite late and the sitting available was way right in front of the screen.

I brought my parents out the next day to catch the movie and it's a good one for a laugh. It's not those movie that's very logical or requires you to squeeze your brain juice but it is a nice comedy. Chuckle til your heart content as it is a good movie to spend laughing with your family.

Rating: 4/7

Day 4 - KL 1 day trip
Funny isn't it the title. KL 1 day trip. I've stayed in KL for 2 years previously and why KL 1 day trip? Just for fun. I haven't even go up to KL Tower and KLCC bridge and to have stayed in KL for 2 years is embarrassing. But I didn't go to these places. Instead we went to Petaling Street for breakfast. For the famous wan tan mee. I've eaten here before but I think this time the standard drop already. Maybe because this time we went there, there's no char siu.

After breakfast, I went to KL Bird Park. I've been here before when I was 4 or 5 years old. My memory about it was very vague apart from seeing the photos taken there, the most memorable one would be uncle carrying the Hornbill. I don't remember the rest. Took a picture with a lot of birds ~ parrot, owl, hornbill... 2 birds were on my hand while another on my head. I didn't expect them to be so heavy. You really can't "judge a bird by its body".

Apparently it's the "World's Largest" free-flight walk-in aviary
One of the bird there. Sorry I was lazy to take picture.
Should have taken the picture of a more extraordinary bird.
Carrying the birds at hand reminded me of my 2 pet birds last time. They were still small chicks when me and my brother took care of them. The nest was found abandoned at my brother's friend's house. I remember their name too - Tweety (after Tweety bird) and Scar (after the name of the bad uncle in Lion King. My brother named this bird Scar as it always bully Tweety). We gave the birds back to my brother's friend and they died cause they forgotten to feed them. Sad :-(

O yeah... I found something funny when Mr Penguin dropped me home... Bird (Penguin is from the bird family) visiting birds.... Me and my 3S (Sendiri Syok Sendiri). Hehe...

After KL Bird Park, we adjourn to KL. Went to Lot 10 Hutong to eat. I didn't know that all the food there are famous. You should go there and eat. The food is really nice. Very nice. Yummylicious. D2 (Another friend with the same name as D. I now know 4 people with the same name) said that you can simply order from any stalls there and it's still very nice as the stalls there are a collection of hawker foods around KL that is famous. According to the description of the place, it's "a gourmet heritage village, Lot 10 Hutong offers 26 of the country’s best eateries that have survived the 2nd and 3rd generations. Each is hand-picked from the best of the best, distinguished by its all-time favourite signature dish."

After the late lunch, we went to Pavillion for our movies. We watched "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". D2 asked me "what do you think of the movie?" and I replied "... ermmmmmmm.... I think you get what I mean right?" and laughed. Haha... I would say don't go and watch this movie. It's quite erm........ you get what I mean lar... =p

Rating: 2/7

Day 5 - Genting Trip
1 day trip to Genting. Wake up in the morning already started not feeling well but still go there. This time, I used the cable car to go up. Saw that Malaysians are so uncivilised. They don't queue and they jump queue. The Japanese still queue up even though they are going through tough time (tsunami). Really salute them. Our people not only cut queue but pushed people around. I can't stop but being rude here ~ WTF man. We are out on a holiday and to have fun. We are not rushing or anything. Even the Japanese can queue up for food and help... Why can't we just queue up properly? Imagine if one day our country is strike by natural disaster, all I can think of is real havoc, people hurting each other (people pushing each other, people trampling over those who fall down). Any way, I had a good time here with my love ones.

Day 6 - Loitering around
Can't really remember what I did but I was out the whole day and went out for Final Destination at night. The review is in the post before this.

 Day 7 - Pee Dee
I went back to my hometown. I haven't go back for 5 months. Went back and got a shock. My house became so tiny as my neighbour extended his house out to the front. Before going back, I went to the doctor. My childhood doctor at Subang. I haven't go there for 10 years but they easily locate my card in less than 2 minutes. Can you imagine that? So efficient. And the nurse remembered my whole family. Saying that I used to stay around the corner. Then they asked me to fill in my IC column. I found something hilarious there. My age column... it still stated there 9 MONTHS OLD.

I got even shocked seeing the doctor that I've seen years ago. He look so different. So young like someone in his late 20s when he is supposed to be in his forties. A very vast different as he used to look old. Suddenly he became so stylish, so slim and so.... I'm speechless but seeing him make me feel better. Someone whom have seen me growing up from baby til 10, a family doctor, gave me more assurance.

I met my bff whom I haven't seen for a year today too. Missed him but can't have a really heart to heart conversation since it is just a yum cha outing with a few more friends and he brought another friend over. So can't really talk much. I went back to my home town just to meet him and I was lucky cause I totally forgotten his flight was the next day. If I went back one day later I can't see him any more. Phew.... I'm really a big head prawn recently. Don't know why.

Day 8 - Baking Day
I made egg tart today. I haven't bake egg tart (specifically egg tart ya...) for more than a year. Today I finally made it again. Update in another post with pictures. ^^ This time, 100% me doing it without mum monitoring me and it was very successful.

Day 9 - Wu liao
I didn't do anything today la... Just travelling back to KL (cause have to work tomorrow) but some how I didn't distaste it. On the other hand, I was looking forward to tomorrow. Crazy crazy me right? Hehe... 1 more month to my review. Anticipating it. Faster come. Fast fast fast.

I'll update this post with pictures as I haven't transfer them out to my pc. (Done)

I think I should change my blog title to my dairy/ my life since it's somehow depicting what's happening in my life. Any way here's an emo song to end the night: