911 a very memorable date. A date that has significance to everyone around the world and even me. September 11th as it is better known is a date that most people will remember forever. I still remember that year while I was watching the news on CNN, while the World Trade Centre was falling, my friend dropped by at my house with a teddy bear. On the wrist of the bear is a lovely bracelet that I liked so much. Thank you. Although it carries a sad memory to many, life goes on. Be strong.

The bear on the right which I got it on 11/9/04.
Got the bear on the left for my 17th birthday.
Last year this date, I was crying badly. Not a memory I would want to recall but this is life. Life is never sweet forever. It has its 甜酸苦辣。This year, it's a memorable one. I brought CK, DC and RG to PD and Melaka for a 2 days trip. From 8 people, the number was significantly reduced to 4 when Mr Penguin ffk last minute because he was feeling sick that day. We had lunch together at Ole Ole Bali before departing to PD. Food rating: 5/7 (Very big portion). Sorry no picture taken.

After lunch, we went to PD and stopped at Lukut to buy the big big curry bun. It's RM25 per bun and we kept it for breakfast the next day. We checked in at Glory Beach PD.

CK already cut the bun open and made the chicken hot before this pic is taken.
Actually wanted to bring Jessie eat this "big" portion of beach breakfast at PD Eating Point.
Which is bigger than the one at Sahara. Sahara's picture tipu orang one.
After that, we went to Tanjung Tuan. We wanted to go to the lighthouse. The funniest thing was I don't know the road there. I called my friend and said "I'm lost in PD." *Laughing* I am so not a PD gal. Been to the Chicken Porridge  place to yum cha so many time but I don't even know that the lighthouse is just 5 mins away. Lol..... By the time we reached the lighthouse, it was closed. 7pm the place is closed for visitor. So, we went to the beach nearby.

We had our dinner at Teong Ji. We ordered the curry fish head which my friends they all found very yummy and special. I have had it before as such I think it's yummy but never find it to be special. The salted egg crab is super delicious. Until now also very 回味。 Yum yum... I seafood. I'm still waiting for RG to bring us to the one at Klang.

Curry fish head but the colour don't look like curry.
Yummy yummy salted egg crab.
Rating: 7/7

Then it started to rain :-( We adjourn back to Glory ~ bath and alcohol time. We drink while waiting for the rain to stop. Rain stopped at 2am. Sep 11 some time between 2.30-4am is the most memorable moment thanks to RG. This is the first time I put sky lantern. It's beautiful. Just a few days before Mid Autumn festival/ the mooncake festival. Just right as there's a few others who put that lantern too. ^^ Ours fly so far away and still going. Hope 天公 can see our wishes and grant them. Make them come true. *fingers-crossed*

Scenery from the condo that we stayed at.
We slept around 5.30am and I was wide awake before 8am and disturbing them. We left the place around 11 and went to the lighthouse at Tanjung Tuan. Entrance fee is RM1 per person. I think the scenery would be better if we went there at sunrise or sunset. But walking up the slope/hill to the lighthouse is so nice. Love the greens there. Some what reminded me of Bukit Cahaya although this is better.

The lighthouse.
I love the sea.
Then we went straight to Melaka. Went to the shop in the middle of Jonker Walk (I only remember the shop has a "88" as its name) for its famous Cendol and food. I think the quality of the food has dropped. The cendol is not thick enough and the taste of Gula Melaka is not enough too. Tak cukup oomph.

Not enough Gula Melaka.
Curry mix with assam laksa (Quite special but very oily as they didn't stir before scooping the soup).
Lobak from the shop.
There's a lot of such meaningful phrases in the shop.
Particularly like this one.
After that we went to Stadhuys and loiter there while waiting to have our Mille Crepe at Nadeje. I've blogged about it before here. I love the cake there. We went to the Portuguese ship for a visit before going to Nadeje. Wow wow wow... The price increase within 2 years is almost RM3. That's a lot. The previous time I blogged about it was RM6++ and now it's RM9. My brother say the taste is not as good as last time already.

Cakes for her.. Yummy
The original one still win over the rest of the flavours. I've tried the following flavours:
1) Original
2) Cheese
3) Green Tea
4) Rum & Raisin
5) Banana Chocolate
6) Berry-berry Strawberry
7) Melaka (Gula melaka)
8) Chocolate
9) Cafe

I don't know if I've missed out any but didn't know I've been there so many times and still loving it. I haven't try the strawberry chocolate, orange chocolate and strawberry only. I think those will be my next target.

We had dinner at Portuguese Village before leaving and going back to reality. A memorable trip it is. ^^
Organizing another day trip in October. Haha....

Very ordinary. The ikan bakar at Lukut is nicer.
Food is average only. My brother told me the other one is nicer.
 It's a good getaway. Just when I needed a rest and companion. I love you guys. ^^