Egg Tart in the Process

As mentioned, I will blog about me making egg tart and here's the post after being so emo in the few posts before this. O... I've confirmed that my ex-teacher really has pass away. RIP sir.

I haven't bake egg tart for a very long time. It's more than a year ago. After one year of not baking egg tart, my skill deteriorate (major gone down the hill). Comparing to the previous round I made egg tart, I would rate myself 6/10 (previous times is delicious). Deduct 1 mark as the pastry is too thick, 2 more marks as the egg is not as juicy, thick and tasty as the previous time. Another mark for the pastry as it is not as "香" as the previous time because this time I didn't include milk into it (I used vanilla essence as a replacement).

Although the egg tart comes out not as satisfactory as my previous "work", I still bring and shared with those whom I care for. This is because to me, as long as I bake the tart with the heart that I'm making it for my loved ones, it already add point to the egg tart. It's about my feeling rather than the taste (ceh... me and my Cancerian thoughts. So one sided). At least it is still edible. Hehe...

I don't mind getting an honest comment/feedback so that I can improve but it seems the critique I get was okay. Maybe they are trying to give face to me or maybe I'm being strict to myself.

I can tell you what are the ingredients but the actual portion I don't remember. The recipe I left it back at my hometown. If you wanna wait for me I don't know when I'll go back (last round record was 5 months). I'll go to my hometown this weekend but I wouldn't be going home at all. I'm such a bad girl. I was suppose to visit my granny the last trip back (last week) but I spent time baking egg tart that I missed out visiting her. I am such a bad granddaughter. Not filial at all.

Any way here's the recipe and baking process:

The recipe
Pastry - Icing sugar, Butter, Flour, 1 egg, milk powder (Based on memory on the pastry which is tastier. Those without the weight is because I forgotten already).

Egg custard/filling - 2 egg yolks, 3 eggs, sugar, 220g milk. - This recipe I will never change as it really is nice (but this time I really "失手" a lot lor...). Sorry I don't remember the amount of sugar. But the amount of egg and milk I'm very sure of it as I purposely walked out to the grocery shop nearby the house to buy them.

The process

Prepare all the necessary ingredients...
For the dough, mix the icing sugar with the butter well.
Then add in the egg.
After that add in the flour and milk powder. Make sure you have sift the flour.
Chill/Let the dough in the refrigerator for half an hour before moulding it.
While waiting for the dough to chill in the refrigerator, you can make the filling.
Firstly, boil the sugar and milk together.
Once sugar has melted, add in the egg (which is beaten together) and cook over a small heat.
Don't over cook the egg.
Then sift the egg so that it will be smooth.
Fill in the empty hole. Actually the recipe can make a dozen egg tarts
but as mentioned, the pastry I made is too thick.
Bake it for 30-45 minutes long depending on the progress.
End result
Hopefully it does help brighten someones' day. ^^