FD 5

I just finished watching Final Destination 5 an hour back. After D dropped me at the lobby area, I went to the playground for a swing. I haven't been there for quite some while since I've started working late. I've tried going there a few times but it was always after raining (the swing is all wet and can't be used) :'(

Feeling emo recently. I wonder why or maybe I know the factor but just trying to be ignorance. I think this is the longest I sat at the swing. I love that feeling. At least it makes me feel so much better after 10-15 minutes spent swinging.  It helps to clear the mind, bringing it to an empty state (not thinking of anything).

Well back to FD5. It's kinda expected like what Mr Penguin said. It's kinda the same thing after 5 times. But still it managed to make me feel scare so it some how managed to quench my thirst for horror movie after so many round of horror movies since last year. It's not very scary but sufficient enough to make the way the actor/actress died not as expected just like all the previous FD. Good one though the focus ain't so much on the premonition/ways to stop the death like all the previous one. Like D said, it's meant for 3D so the focus is different already. The movie is quite short 1.5 hours but the after effect is good. It kept me thinking though. I haven't get this feeling for quite some time and ya... I know I'm a little crazy but I kinda like the after feeling of a horror movie.

Rating: 5/7 (Apparently it got quite a good review by Rotten Tomato) :)

Next movie that I want to watch is Smurf. My childhood cartoon. I don't really remember the cartoon but I remember the theme song very well. "La la lalalala, sing a happy song... La la lalalala..." I even remember the bad guy and my house fridge still have the two smurf magnets there. Who wanna accompany me to watch??

I'm hungry now. Should I eat or should I ignore the hunger and go to bed? I think I'm gonna eat. Being fat ain't a sin after all... =p

Here's a nice song to end the night. This is the last song played on my phone before I chose to walk home from the playground.