Johnny English Reborn

Rowan Atkinson never fail to make people laugh. This show is funny but he is a lot smarter compared to the previous JE. The first one was with Natalie Imbrugia? I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt... and I still have the CD back at home. Any way JE Reborn is good. Way a lot smarter not as stupid that you felt like slapping him. And also unexpectedly he can solve crime way better than the first JE where everything was dependent on luck. Good one. Laughing from the beginning of the movie til the end. Fabulous. I missed the beginning part a little but better than D who missed the whole movie and wasted 4 tickets.

I love the Royce. So nice and high tech. And not to be forgotten the wheel chair... Cool gadget.

Rating: 6/7

Pegasus. Reminded me of Sailor Moon (a character name inside is called Pegasus and it's so fairytale like that I loved it a lot. Took picture with one the other day when I went to iCity).

Any way the character was acted by Gillian Anderson. I missed Gillian Anderson from X-Files. It reminded me how I used to sneak and sit at the staircase just to watch X-Files at night as it has past my bedtime. My parents was quite strict back then. They were watching at the living room while I was quietly watching from the stairs. I remember running up the stairs when the advertisement started running. I'm so naughty. I wonder if my parents know about it and just let it continue til I was tired to do so.