My first few sketches since Aug 2010. The last time I sketch was a welcome back card but it was torn by me into pieces before dumping it away.

DH asked me to draw a picture of him as everyone did. I told him I only draw when I  have the mood and after dunno how many weeks, I finally have the mood to sit down and sketch on Friday night. I some how missed sketching. I used to spent at least 2 hours sitting in my room sketching. This is way back in 2003 and I stopped after I was out studying diploma. And as such, I actually ended up sketching 3 people. Some how my skill deteriorate and I kinda cheat while doing the outline for these sketches:

These are sketches of real people I know.
Although it's not 100% a like, the resemblance is there.
Only the 3rd picture is kinda fail. Very hard to see the resemblance =p
When will I sketch again? I think it's gonna be a long long time more.