Girl with older guys. Materialistic?

Someone once told me before that there's 1000 people in this world who loves you. It's just that they are all scattered around the world and you have not meet them. But I believe in fate (缘分) more. I love the feedback given to me that the other person might have love you but it's just that these 2 people are not fated to be together有缘无分。It could also be affected by timing.

But being able to love and being loved by another person is something I would describe as "beautiful". Whether it's forever or not, it happens for some reason. But never go in a relationship with someone just because you wanted a girlfriend/boyfriend. Be in a relationship because you love the other person. If not, being single is never a bad thing. You can do a lot of things that being in a relationship will stop you to do.

And just a piece of my mind. If you love the other person, age is no longer a factor. My uncle is almost 20 years older than my aunt, my dad is 11 years older than my mum, and a lot more of examples by my side. I've always wanted to blog about this as I've a friend who thinks that girls go for older guys because they are rich. To him, all girls are materialistic. I totally disagree with that thought.

The reason girls tend to like older guys because they are more mature and stable. To my friend, what he see us saying "stable" would meant financially stable. To me, it's more about the personality. Someone you can depend/rely on. Yes, girls nowadays are more independent and would like to be seen as an equal to the opposite sex but of course they or I should say "we"... we want someone whom we can entrust ourselves to. Someone whom we see as stable in their thoughts and personality. However, I can't stereotype or have prejudice towards guys of the same age range as it all really depends on the other person's personality and the way they think. 姐弟恋 is very normal too. It really is dependent on the type of person you like.

Besides, you can't judge a book by its cover. Coming out to work, I've met many people whom I thought was of the same age or a bit older but they are actually many years older than I do. I've even met people whom I thought was 10years ++ older than I do but they turned out to be 2-3 years older than me. So, some times you can't just say it's the age factor. It's about personality and that person itself.