23 Oct 2011

Goodbye uncle. RIP. It felt so odd that the previous time I saw you back in February you were still good and well & when I saw you on Friday night, I no longer see the cute, chubby uncle that I know. I think you have shed over 20kgs over this 8 months. I am sorry for not visiting you over the months when you were at the 安老院. Although I am not very close with you, vague childhood memories will remain. You will be remembered for being the one who introduced grapefruit to me. The uncle who loves buying food home to granny's place. I remember the goat milk as well.

It's odd that I didn't shed any tears these 3 days during the funeral. This is so not me. Also, please hit me cause I lost my temper even though my mum is still grieving the lost of her brother. I am feeling so so so guilty. Although I apologized after that, I am still feeling very bad. I hate myself. I am so sorry mummy. So so so sorry. I am so horrible.