Coconut Milk Jelly

Finally I spent one whole day at home without going out. Erm... Out a while to the mini market to buy coconut milk. It's funny as usually I wouldn't go out during the rainy season and choose to stay home if it's nothing important but I went out at 10.06pm just to buy coconut milk so that I can make agar-agar. Yes... It's PM. I am not crazy.

Some times, happiness can be very simple. I wasn't irritated by the wet wet road on my way out. I was just feeling happy and contented. All I was thinking was to buy some coconut milk so that I can make some nice dessert for those who care and love me (关心与疼爱我的人). ^^

Coconut jelly ♥ But got no colouring at home :(
Now all I need to do is wait for the jelly to be set before cutting it. Hopefully they will enjoy it tomorrow ^^