Chiang Mai (2nd day)

Opps... Rupa-rupanya my 1st night at Chiang Mai dinner was at Mo'C Mo'L. 2nd night only at Tara Bar. I've corrected the post. =p

And remember the picture depicting the monk doing the Buddha, here's what I did:

Not enough strength applied. Damn tired.
I told myself it's just a dream. I never do this thing before =p
This is what others did. I felt so embarrassed ar...
The 2nd day was free and easy and lucky I found the souvenir that I bought at the street or I don't remember the place I visited. The place name was Nimanhaemin Road, T. Suthep. It's a place for arts & crafts and bars. It is a more modern building areas. Very pretty.

We sat the red taxi there. 20THB per person only.
The street across
Seeing the electric cables reminded me of my childhood at Subang.
Now all electric cables are underground.
Most buildings there are modern like this.
Walking along the streets.

One of the handi craft place that I visited - Silver Birch
The pictures below are from Silver Birch:
28 Soi 1 Nimanhaemin Rd.,
T. Suthep A. Muang. Chiang Mai.

Pigs ♥

It's tiny but very detail. Including the tails.

1 of the souvenir I bought.
And it's wrap nicely. Each one. Individually without extra charge.

Other places at Nimanhaemin. Don't know the name already:

After that we went to the biggest shopping mall at Chiang Mai - the Central Airport Plaza. It's not very special. Just like any shopping mall in KL. So, my advise is that it's best to visit some where else than spending your time here.

It's today then we went to Tara Bar for dinner. Not much of a comment as I didn't really eat. No appetite. I don't think I tried everything served there.

The ambiance there.
Tara Bar
The scenery from the room directly above me. My room on the eighth floor. I don't see the scenery like this but really the world looks different through different eyes. The picture below is so pretty.

All pictures are courtesy from my friends and colleagues. I think only 3-4 pictures are taken by myself.