Chiang Mai (3rd day) - Elephant sick

Chiang Mai is known as the city of the elephant. So, it's a definite thing that we will visit the elephant place or else it wouldn't been considered that I've go to Chiang Mai. A good experience but I think it's the first and my last time of riding elephant. A very unpleasant experience as I get "elephant sick"* from riding it.
*Car sick becomes elephant sick.

Once I got up the elephant I started to panic. Haha... I was scared and it's a very bumpy ride. The worst thing was my elephant is the type that loves winning. It kept wanting to be number one that it's so fast. The ride was so far away around I think 15 minutes. It was a very long and unfinished ride but then the scenery was very pretty. Lucky the return route was the cow ride. It's not as bad as the elephant ride but by that time I was feeling awful already. One more thing was my cows were also the type who want to be number one and chased after the two carts in front just to be number one. I got even more dizzy. :(

Elephant performance before the ride.
The most intriguing thing is that elephants can draw. Trust me.
Zoom in to show you.
Their drawing. So pretty.
They play football too. Smart. I've seen this before at Melaka though.
Group photo before the ride.
Scenery 1.
Scenery 2.
Scenery 3.
Scenery 4.
The ride.

When I return to the elephant camp, I had already lost my appetite. I skipped lunch but I ate some fruits and totally went to sleeping mode once I was on the bus. Any way, pity the elephants and cows as they were tortured and chained. Really animal abuse lor. Shouldn't have visited there and encourage this type of abuse.

I only woke up after we reached the long neck village. They have more than 9 clans there.

They sell handicraft and sustain their life by themselves (自力更生).

It's a sad thing though that I felt so bad looking at them. It's like they are some weird odd people out for display and others is snapping picture of them. What I dislike is that the trip only bring us to a street that sells stuff but didn't bring us to the actual village to see the culture there. I would rather see the culture, the way they live than looking at the long neck people.

We went back to the hotel to rest and practice for our performance for the Gala Dinner at night. After that we went to the walking street to shop. Hooray. It's the best place to shop and the stuffs are so so cheap. But then I only have 1.5 hour. I didn't even walk to the end of the street that I need to U-turn. Sad :-( And according to the tour guide, the walking streets on Sunday is even longer. It's double of the one on Saturday. The bad thing is that the streets is only open on Saturday and Sunday. And it's the best place to shop.

*All pictures are courtesy by my colleagues and friends.

What's very disappointing of Air Asia is that I return with damage baggage. But lucky it's a minor one and no compensation made. Some airline will help to repair the damage especially mine is such a minor one. Disappointed with it though.

The zip head went missing but my padlock was still there.
Some more is not just one but a few sides.
Then it's the Gala Night and the next day was early morning flight back to Malaysia. Sad :( If only I can have more time there. Should have extended the trip.

Talking about elephant, next year is the dragon year for Chinese people. So not relevant but yeah it's my year. I'm feeling kinda old right now. Funny isn't it. It's so conflicting that my attitude is so childish, so little girl yet I'm feeling old at the same time. Any way, I've always wanted a dragon baby. I used to have the idea of starting my own family and have my own child. The reason I chose dragon baby because I've always loved being a dragon girl 小龙女. Besides that, dragon baby is more lucky and successful in the things they do (this is majority one la). I am going to get one next year. Next year...................