Crazy Fri Night

"Gila2 Tequila" sememangnya GILA. The first time I saw so many people drunk at 1 night. Some more is people I know. Drank 1 shot and it felt like I've drank 2 pint of beers. I wonder how the winner can drink 30 shots. So geng ar...

Although it's the first time I "take care" of someone drunk, I felt like I've done nothing but just looking and waiting for them to get better.
This pic was emailed to everyone
Well hope they don't get bad hangover. 2 of them weren't able to turn up on Saturday for our preplanned Seoul Garden buffet. =(

Any way, I'll update on Chiang Mai - Day 2 & 3 pictures if possible, Seoul Garden, The Sorcerer and The White Snake review, Big Bad Wolf Day but of course not all in 1 post. I am kinda lazy plus I am suppose to be cleaning the house now. ^^