Girls vs Guys; Simple vs Complicated

A very interesting topic that will always be asked so often: Can girls and guys be just friend?This unclear line has occur in everyone's life no matter in what stage. When you are even primary/secondary school and friends teased you with someone else. When you are older and people starts to gossip.

Can girls and guys be just friend and nothing so complicated?
My answer still remains the same: yes. Why not? I do know people who disagree with it but also people who has the same point of view as I do. I think what's most important is the both know and from the very beginning has set the relationship straight. Some would say that this is "bullshit" but I would say that I do know people like this and I am one of them. I can be close friend with the opposite sex. Just close friend and nothing else.

I think as long as both of you is clear of the relationship, what other thinks does not matter. Why do you care about what other thinks and spoil a good friendship? Some time it's a hard to get a good friend that you can click with. Not just good friend but something beyond it. Another person who understands you well and treats you well but it's not a girl-boy love. But just plain friendship or something that is known as a platonic relationship.

I can do this because I never realized that I have close guy friends whom have like me before if they have never tell me or my close friends. I am slow in this matter of thing as I truly belief that guys and girls can be just friends. I think as long as you are clear about the friendship, just as long as you are sure about what you want and what type of person you like; platonic relationship is workable.

Another good example is that I have been going out with the same friend for a year, at least once a week but we stay the closest friend. We meet more often than the time spent with my bf when I was in a relationship. Almost twice to triple of it. Movies, lunch, dinner, supper, drinking, holidays... I can share my thoughts, query him, reveal my deepest feelings without feeling uncomfortable.

Platonic relationship works better when one/both is attached to another person as then both will know not to fall in love with the other. This of course need both friends that's rational in thought. If both is single it doesn't mean a bad thing too. It can either be just as platonic as it may be and both remain the best of friends for the rest of your life. Forever there for the other person but not sexually/romantically attracted. Or it may develop to love later in life but no one can predict the future.

Some times, staying in a platonic relationship feels so much better. Some times the other person treats you so much better than the treatment you got in your own relationship. This helps to think that it's even better than being in a relationship. This people shows you that your partner never really cares for you when your best friend can treat you way better, can always be there for you and not being calculative with you.

As long as you don't think complicatedly, things are as simple as it is.

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