I am hungry

I am hungry now. I just remember that I forgotten to have dinner. Actually it's a good thing though. I can't even put up my non stretchable bottom back at my hometown. I've gained so much weight that I felt so bad about it. Any girl that hangs out with D confirm become fat and I am one of them. Not only that, Ray promised CK that he's gonna make sure that I am 肥肥白白. Oh no!!! How to lose the extra 3-5kgs I gained since CNY? I think it's time to lose the pounds gained but wait til the Seoul Garden feast then I am going to start controlling myself. Not to overeat and to exercise or to start back my weekly routine of cleaning the house. Actually it felt so hard.

Not working yesterday made my life so miserable. I think I can't slow down at all. My weekdays are pack with work and after work activity ~ dinner, movie till I am really tired to sleep... I've filled up every single weekend of mine for the past one year plus and NOW... to suddenly stop myself from not doing anything for one day is beyond imagination. I want to slow down but then it's not such a good idea after all. It felt scary without nothing to do and too many things to think about. I like to 胡思乱想。The worst part of me.

Talking about being hungry, I missed mum's home-cooked meal. The other day get to eat mum's food is so 幸福. I haven't ate mum's cooking for more than half a year.

It looks simple but it's the best food that I will never get bored eating everyday.
Any way I just wanna update one more time before I start working later lor.  I was sick before I go back to my hometown. I went back and see the doctor too. I look sick and bad that I hoped nobody will see it but then..........aiks. Never mind.

Any way even after medication, I woke up early on Sunday to make orange cake for my friends. It's weird cause every time I go back I sure sleep damn a lot. Sleep until late noon but this time my internal alarm woke me up early in the morning just to make the cake before coming up to KL. Baked the cake with 爱心 ♥  and also some help from mummy. Hope they love it. Hehe... I love to keep my words. Even if I just briefly mentioned it, I meant it unless I am just kidding about it. So, here's to people whom I care.

Preparing the ingredients. I missed out the sugar and egg in this pic.
It's baking in the oven ^^
Oven hot orange cake.
And no share to the person who broke the one and single promise to me. Oh I just realized my habit of meeting this person once every week was suddenly wiped out of me. I guess reality sucks that I don't want to hang out with people who don't mean what they say. It's time to retreat from being hurt by a friend. Like what I loved to say about "promise":
1) It's a package of lies that you tell someone to make them happy.
2) It's meant to be broken.
3) It's gonna hurt someone at the end.

If someone didn't say it's a promise, I wouldn't take everything into account seriously but if it is said as a promise, please make sure that you kept it. I hate people who broke their promise. The funny thing is that a promise no longer meant a thing if the tie with the other person changed. For example: a best friend promised you "A" but when the both of you drifted apart, the promise no longer has any effect. That's the cruel part of reality. Sigh...