PS, I Love You & Eat Pray Love

Ah oh... My jelly is a failure in term of taste. Not enough sugar. So pai se. Hehe... Lucky I managed to keep it to only 3 people. Not much of a damage since it's just bland.

PS, I Love You
Finally I managed to finish a book in 2 weeks. Actually less than 2 weeks if I minus my working days and the weekend that I went out window shopping. I haven't do this in a long time. Finding time to stay home, reading on my own and getting lost in my own imagination. I like the peaceful feeling I got out of it even though I got emotional from reading it.

Actually I spent most of my time reading the book while I was back in my hometown as there's nothing to do there. The idiot box don't seem attractive to me any more. I have long lost interest in the TV which I used to love and unable to live without. But I am crazy too as I read the book til 2.30am last night just to finish it. I wanted to know how it ends. I wanted to know what's Gerry's final message to Holly.

It's a nice read that got me laughing and crying almost instantaneously. Laughing at one point and crying at the next. Like a crazy girl but Ray said that I have a very sensitive soul for crying from just reading. Undeniable that's who I am and I don't wanna fake who I am not.

I think the book is interesting but of course this is from a girl's point of view as I think it don't suit guys. *Not to be stereotyping ya.* But obviously there's many different critique that you will get. Some like it and some don't. I like it a lot and you may think of it differently.

It's never easy to lose someone whom you love and to ever think that this person will never ever show up in your life again. To ever be there for you when you need him/her, to ever hear his/her voice, their smell, their hug, the silly arguments... everything is gone and never to return. To go through this sort of pain is never easy. To start a new life and giving up the one that you have known for 15 years and to let go off your soul mate and the future life that you have dream off together. And to have someone to love you even til death, even til after their death is something not everyone is able to have. To think that the one who's supporting you to move on and the one who asked you to open back your heart to love someone else is the one whom you loved and the one whom loved you the most. Heartwarming and at the same time heart wrenching.

It's nice to have a guardian angel to look after you even after their death. But I would rather to have the person that you love for is still alive. Even though that person no longer cares for you, at least they are still here and you can still see them. Seeing them happy would also make yourself happy.

I have never watch the movie so I can't compare and critique it as I read many bad reviews about it. Cecilia Ahern maybe a fresh writer, but her style of writing is good. I still have two of her books which I haven't read.

Rating: 6/7 (Shoot for the moon ♥)

Eat Pray Love
I think I haven't blog about this book even after mentioning it many times. I would say that this book has accompany me past one of my hardest time in life. It took me months to read it but I never forget the story. Some how I felt an emotional attachment to the author as I could relate to her feelings most of the time. I would say that I truly belief in horoscope as both of us are Cancerian, we some how think alike. In addition to it, there's a lot of meaningful statement that you can quote from the book. I've used them many times in my blog, in my Facebook post.

Rating: 7/7