Seoul Garden & The Sorcerer and The White Snake

I haven't been to Seoul Garden for a long time. The first time I've been there it was still located at 1U Old Wing. This is the 2nd time I went there and it has already shifted to New Wing next to Skin Food. I've already know that it has relocated for a long time but then never ever go there for food before. I would say that it has improved a lot. More choices and the food is fresher. The first time I went there, I think it's so so only. If there's no reason, I wouldn't go back there. But this time changed my perception. I don't mind going back to eat with friends again.

After lunch we went for "The Sorcerer and The White Snake". I have always like White Snake legend after watching the one by Media Corp (acted by Christopher Lee and Fann Wong). Of course making comparison ain't good as the director has only less than an hour to show how Xu Xian and White Snake fall in love with each other. The storyline is okay but then the effect is damn lousy. It's very fake ar.... Some more so little fighting scene. What a waste of Jet Li's talent. While Vivien Hsu only appeared in the movie for a short time.

Rating: 2/7

Talking about the legend of White Snake, I still remember the drama series that I've watched back in I think year 200x.  It's heartwarming as to how Xu Xian and Bai Su Zhen love overcomes all obstacles. I don't know how to describe my feeling watching the series but I remember loving it a lot even though the graphic ain't that good back in the early Y2K. You should watch it if you have the chance. Though it don't suit many as it is romance.