Smurfing Chiang Mai (1st day)

I love to post the  song "Wake me up when September ends" every September on Facebook and then this year I posted it again on the last day of September. Guess what? I got a strange wake up call on 1 October.

I think I haven't even blogged about The Smurf and I am going to include it here. Good one. It brings back memories of my childhood. I smurf you ♥. All the sentences with "smurf". Although my memory of the cartoon was vague, it's sufficient enough to remember the villain and cat who chased the smurf around. And the word "papa smurf" that I always said. Now I remember why always say that.

Rating: 6/7 (extra mark for childhood memory) =p and thanks Churp Churp for the premiere passes.

Chiang Mai
Smurfy trip. It's suppose to be rainy season during my trip from 22-25 Sep but it rarely rain. Plus, it's suppose to be very cold as Chiang Mai is situated at highlands. It's not cold as expected too. I was wearing short pants to go out. ^^

It was a tiring trip as the night before that I went karaoke-ing til 3am and the bus depart from office at 4am. The flight was at 9.10am. We reached Chiang Mai at 11something (Chiang Mai time - Chiang Mai is an hour later than Malaysia time). Chiang Mai is the 2nd biggest town in Thailand after Bangkok. Nice, relaxing place. I learnt to see the world from a different perspective from my friends that I go out with. I learnt to be more observant.

Some of my thoughts about this place: the toilet there is very clean unlike Malaysia. Apart from that, the stray dogs there are very pretty and good like being breed at home. The people here also take life easy. Their lifestyle are more of a free and easy, happy go lucky type.

There's a lot of female cyclist here and
they don't believe in wearing helmet.
The "tut tut" here. Need to be smart to bargain price.
From 100THB, we can bargain til 60THB for 2.
And it travels very very far away. Got more than 30minutes.
One of the stray dog here.
There's big fluffy, furry dogs here too.
My first destination was the famous Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (Buddhist temple).

I forgotten how many steps there are here already.
It's 306 steps I think.
After that we went for lunch at Suan Park Restaurant. The best meal I had in my trip. The rest was so so only.

The tom yam was the best. Yummylicious.
Then we went to the umbrella factory and another visit to I dunno the name of the temple before checking in to Holiday Inn.

Hand made umbrella.

The umbrella's top is from paper made from a kind of tree.
Then it's coated with I don't know what to make it water resistant.

2nd bus tour guide: Kelvin. I was in the 1st bus.
Very funny thing is I kept dozing off in the bus when Tony starts to talk.
The 2nd Wat visited.
They were building this place but only male is allowed in there.

This is hand made as per the top. So "geng" ar...
Holiday Inn's exterior don't look very grand but the the interior was fabulous.

This is my bedroom with Vivien. 2 queen size beds for 2 people with sofa.
The toilet is very big too. I think 3/4 of my bedroom size.
Dinner at Mo'C Mo'L but it's just so so. I think it's the environment that is good. For the environment not the food. The food is okay only.

2nd day was free and easy and I followed my colleagues around so I don't know the name of the places I visited. I'll continue in the next post.