Something Valuable

I learnt two valuable things today. Both also about relationship. One is relationship between colleagues and bosses; the other is within girls and guys (see how the opposite sex think).

I learnt that in real work life, there's a tendency where people take credit on your work and others tend to back step you. It's hard to manage such situation and that some times you need to be so careful with your words as to not make like you are complaining to the bosses. It's not only the relationship with co-workers but also between you and the boss. You have to manage his expectation and he has to manage your. I've just realized I used to have expectation towards my bosses but just that I've no longer expect anything any more.

About guys and girls relationship I... no... it should be CK.... she got a long lecture and I was sitting there listening. I am lazy to blog about it as I've long ago understand what was told. I've always understand that guys and girls have different thought. I've always knew that being simple and moving along the same route is the most important in a relationship. Adding to it, reading John Gray's Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus has already open my eyes.

While I was blogging this, I just got a sad sad news. My uncle just passed away. May his soul rest in peace. T.T