1/11/11 - 1 year anniversary

Today mark my first anniversary of my working life. Nice date 1/11/11. Everything marks a ONE.
One of the early project that I was following up on. Also 1st anniversary :)
Last year, same day was my first day of work. I wouldn't consider myself as a freshie as I've interned in an ad agency before. I remember my first day was just browsing through the previous job req and FA files and folders. Which made me feels a little miserable as I've been through the same thing during my intern day. I had wrote job reqs, checked through visuals and FA, go through the AOT process before as an intern but I have to revert back to the most basic of file browsing on my first day.

Mr Penguin told me that I looked pale today. That's the thing you get from working. Appreciate your study life as once you work, your life would never be the same. Everyday is about working 9-5 (this is just an ideal world) and earning $$$. You basically have no life apart from the weekends (granted that you are not working) and the short >15 days of leave. Hehe... It's not so bad la. Don't freak out. I am just sick today. That's why I looked pale. Hehe... I should be sleeping by now as I am damn sleepy but I promised Ray that I will transfer movie file for him tonight. So, in the mean time while waiting for the file transfer to be completed, I might as well blog.

Working actually enable you to be independent. You can afford things and don't have to rely on daddy to give you money. You are consider an adult (I am still being treat like a small kid. Sigh) who can basically do anything you like (of course within your own boundaries). It's one of the stages in life development and as such you learn and grow from the process. You become more mature and will start to see things differently.

Over this short one year term, I've learnt a lot. After one year in this industry, I am already consider someone who's quite senior. I know most of the processes thoroughly in and out. I've been involved in projects from scratch to the final fulfillment of seeing my "blood and sweat" out in the newspapers, leaflets, outdoors, etc. Anyone who goes to P2 sales centre and take any of their leaflets, please appreciate them. Don't just dump it into the rubbish bin. Do you know how many sleepless nightS and stress; me and the team had to go through just to get that thing done right? I used to just take a leaflet and dump into the dustbin but I no longer would do that. That's a lot of effort put into it. Seeing people flashing the leaflet and then squashing it during the yellow car launch at Fahrenheit 88 is so... erm... hurtful.

One of the many items that I had output.
One of the things that I do learn is to be even more meticulous in ways that I never think I could be. Small little comma, colon, full stop, double spacing, little nitty-gritty stuff in the visuals would never be permitted as a mistake. Who would have care right? I used to look at an ad and just flip through it. I wouldn't have realized that the small mistake of not having or having fullstops at the copy. But I do now. Yet, I still tend to overlook some minor things which I think I am not anally retentive enough. *Stressed* of the responsibility right?

There's a lot more that I've learnt and become so accustomed to it that I never realized that I've learn it. One of it was managing people. Never would it occur to me that I am already managing people when I am not even at a managerial position. Basically being the middle person is never easy. Managing the timeline would be another challenge. People see that we are disposable (the middle person) but I do realized that we played an extremely important role of getting the job done right. We are the first people where everything started. From the strat (short form for strategy thinking) to getting the brief to creative team, from selling the creatives to client and executing the creative to getting it out to the public ~ we are the one ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We are the one where all the frustration and anger being vent at.

Think again! We connect everyone.
Over the process of one year, I've learnt to be very patience. This is the nature of the work. If you are a very impatient person, this job would never suit you. And one more thing is that you are underpaid and have to work long hours without any OT claims. That's what everyone is telling me and by the way friends my age are earning, I should have quit and do something else with higher pay. I want to buy a car, a house and many more. To tell the truth, I've thought about it too. Who never? My dad's been encouraging me to go to Singapore. A dream that I used to have. Something that I've gathered information 2 years back while I was working as an intern. The reasons that I've never pursue this dream were as listed below:

  1. My family is here.
  2. The job will bond me for 5 long years.
  3. I don't know if it's really what I wanted.
  4. I am a degree holder and I don't want to waste it as SPM holders can actually be trained for the job.
  5. My bf is here.

Ray told me this: family will always be here no matter near of far and I haven't been going back to my hometown as often as I should be. 5 long years of a secure, good future job is never a valid reason. And I would have better career prospect/advancement compared to a SPM holder. If I really don't know what I wanted, I wouldn't have done research on it for so long plus I am still holding on to my dream of becoming a teacher. Come to think of it, it could be true subconsciously. But I'll never know since it's the past. I should look forward instead of dwelling on the past so long.

It's been one year and another year to go before my self-imposed deadline of making decision reaches maturity. For now, I will still do my best in whatever undertaking that I am going through. The best part is I am a person of my own free will again. I'm no longer bonded and no longer tied to my gentleman agreement. Yeah... Life is like this, good or bad we still need to weather it. So, we might as well look at the bright side. I think my screw is a little loose recently as I've been finding small, little issues or things to be rather amusing and I've been laughing out loud on my own thought like a silly girl.

O ya... One thing that I need to add on is that whoever the people you are working with really matters. They played an important role as they naturally are the kick/motivation for you to get out of bed, looking forward to go to work. If they are bad, lousy people, you will be dreading to go to work. Even if there is bad, nasty person, you do learn your way around them and you do grow from the process of dealing with such person. As long as you still have other awesome colleagues to work with, a few nasty people would never harm.

But I am lucky that I have a bunch of nice, wonderful colleagues-cum-friends-cum-family that I am working with.♥ There may come a day that I/we will go my/our separate way but before that happens, I will enjoy and appreciate my remaining time fully (which I got no idea how long more plus the turnover rate in ad agency is quite high). Thanks everyone for the love, patience, support, guidance, "scolding", nagging and knowledge you have flourish upon me. It's been a wonderful one year working with everyone. ♥ And sorry I've been a bit slacking recently. I will revert to my true form soon when all the projects start to roll out. Till then please forgive and bear with the mischievous, playful and carefree me for the time being.