Happy 20112011. Nice date today. Saw it last night on Facebook but totally forgotten about it today when I woke up. Just realized it again.

Someone cooked lunch for me today. Thanks. Appreciate it a lot. Some more this is the first time a friend made such nice food (apart from Maggi, hot dog, pancake) for me. Carbonara. An additional coca cola chicken for my surprise. Thanks.

For a guy's cooking, it's very yummy ♥
I have save so much food pictures but so lazy to review everyday. Now I'll review all of them at one go:
Pasta Zanmai
I have blog about this place before previously. You can go here to refer to it. I still love the pasta here. Very special compared to Western pasta. Although the standard is not as good as previous (maybe also because of different outlet), the pasta is still very nice. A portion of 2 can be shared among 3 people and still very full. But then, the sauce is the same. Only the "toppings" are different (soft shell crab, prawns, etc).

For the price and sauce comment, you can refer to my previous post. The side dishes here not so on like Sushi Zanmai. The sashimi also not as nice. The special green tea that I commented previously, this time it is not nice because it was very diluted.

Rating: 4.5/7 (My previous rating was 6/7. This time I was kinda disappointed with the food standard). This one is Sunway Pyramid's outlet.

Fullhouse Cafe
Love this place a lot especially the ambiance. Very well decorated. I love the concept.

I've been here many times especially my college years. Now is very hard for me to find time to go over after working. I don't think it's worth it to go there when there's no lunch set available. It's too expensive. The only very reasonable time to go there is during weekday lunch for the set meal. The set meal is value for money. For around RM19.90 to RM25, you can have one main meal, soup, a piece of cake and a glass of ice lemon tea.

I love the mushroom soup a lot. Love it so much as it is very special. But for lunch set, it really depend on your luck to get mushroom soup as they serve the soup of the day which might be different. Most of the soup is nice but of course I would always pray/wish that they are serving the mushroom soup when I am there. =p

The mash potato is very nice too but then the standard at Pyramid has drop. The one at Sunway Giza is nicer.

Rating: 6/7
I wouldn't say that the food is extremely yummy but then I would add extra point for the ambiance it creates. A very nice place for couple and also friends gathering. It also depends on outlet. The one at Pyramid is nicer compared to NZX.

Dave's Deli
This is the one at 1U Old Wing. It's nice and yummy for pork lovers. Pricy though. Been there twice only. First was team lunch which cost more than RM200 for 6 people where each of us ordered one main meal and a drink. Second time was my sister's birthday celebration back in October which cost RM120 for 5 people as we ordered and shared food. We even ordered pizza for sharing.

The mushroom soup can't beat Fullhouse.

Sorry about the pictures as they don't look very interesting
due to my phone camera and the lighting there is very dark.
Rating: 5.5/7
Webpage: http://www.davesdeli.com.my/

Betty's Kitchen
Another place for pork lover and sorry I have to repeat in this post that the quality drop a lot compared to last year. Really not as what I expected already.

Don't go for the pastas. Not very nice. I think this place can only go for the pork and beef burger. Sorry I didn't take any of those pictures. I only managed to found the pasta pic.

Pasta: 3/7
Overall: 4/7
It's located at Aman Suria. For more info, you can visit its homepage. Another place you can visit for pork lover is at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. I forgotten the shop name though.

Fong Lye
This is Taiwanese food concept shop like Xian Ding Wei but way nicer. Xian Ding Wei changed their menu that their set meal left only a choice of 10. Disappointed.

The set meal is quite big portion. A bowl of rice, a main dish, 3 side dishes and a soup. Yummy.
Not to be left our every time I am here is the sweet potato balls. It's a must have.

Didn't snap the side dish picture.
Rating: 5/7
Price: Around RM19.90 til RM26.90 for set meal.

BBQ Plaza
My first time here was years ago with my ex, my bff and his girlfriend. My first thought of this place was not very yummy. But going there a second time changed my perception. I think it was with my other bff. I started loving this place because of the cabbage soup we got in the end and the sauce. It's also a nice place to hang out chatting with friends for a longer time. But then the down point is that you will smell like that place after eating there. My bag still smell of BBQ Plaza since last night.

Rating: 4.5/7
Price: Around RM20 per person.

That's it for now. Continue the rest in the upcoming post. Think this post is very long already.