Paranormal Activity

Just when I plan to go out to get my food (I haven't eaten since yesterday apart from a small packet of Munchy Oat Krunch), it started to rain. I've been feeling very dizzy and now I can't go out to get food. :-(

I might as well blog while waiting for the rain to stop and get my food. Here's the review on Paranormal Activity 3 which I had watched 1 or 2 weeks back. It's back to the beginning when everything started before PA1 & PA2. I think it's better than the 2nd one. You can feel the presence without seeing it. Nice. I think it's scarier because of the sound effect from the back as the group of girls sitting behind was screaming. It managed to provoke my fear. I don't know is it due to the screaming or the movie. Hehe... D said that the suspense is very long. And I do agree with him.

Rating: 3/7

Faster stop raining la. Out of a sudden the sky is so bright at Sunway area. Hopefully it becomes sunny here too. I watched The Thing 1982 by John Carpenter. I told Mr Penguin that it's not scary at all. Just one or two parts that's a bit tense. Haha... Thanks for the CD. I think I can go and watch the one at cinema already. Hehe... I think next out I can blog about the Taiwan drama series "Fierce Wife". Now I'm watching Rainie Yang's drama "Love You". I like it a lot. In 2 days I've finished 10 episodes. Slept at 4am for two continuous nights.