Apple-ish Adventure

Opps, I haven't update for few days. Felt like very long didn't update but "rupa-rupanya" only 5 days. Hehe... Going to review 2 movies then update on my own thoughts for a while. That's the plan. Hopefully it goes accordingly. =p

The Adventure of Tin Tin
It's awesome. The animation is good. The normal one is already very 3D like. That's what you can expect from Steven Spielberg. Can't hardly wait for the 2nd part.

Rating: 6/7

You Are The Apple of My Eye
Something different from the normal screen as it's a Taiwan show. A lot of people said that it's awesome. When there's too many expectation set on a movie, you tend to think it is not as good as the rest will rate it.

Before going to the movie, I met my ex-secondary school mates and they said that I should watch it as it brings back a lot, a lot of movie. The movie does bring back memories but not as exaggerated by my friend.

The storyline is good since it's a real life story but then just like my cousin said, you tend to get a little uncomfortable sitting next to guys during the movie during all the 18SX jokes. However, I just laugh those parts away and ignore my "neighbour". =p

Comment by one of my friends: A little redundant at the back as the flashback to the whole movie is quite long. Agree with him on that. Ray was asking if I did cry during the movie as I told him that my cousin's colleague cried while hugging her bf during the movie. My answer was simply "NO" as it didn't touch me too deep. Teary eyes? I don't think so too. I think what I understand is that ~ when your characteristics don't match each other (the girl being more mature while the guy of the same age being too childish), you might as well let go earlier. But what I don't like is that the girl started on a relationship with Bo-Chun like right immediately after she "break-up" with Ke Teng (they never started but ended the dating abruptly).

I like the concept of a parallel world. I was google-ing if it's call parallel world (it's call alternate universe) and found this very agreeable by China Post:
Maybe in an alternate universe, we will be together,” said Giddens to Shen Chia Yi years after their last encounter ended in unfortunate misunderstandings. Not only do Giddens' words make us feel better about the fictional pair, they also pat faintly on our backs for those times that we may have allowed fate to slip through our fingertips.

Two very different trailers:

Rating: 5/7

I like the soundtracks. Meaningful.

Rating: 5/7

Updates, updates of my own. After gaining weight since CNY, I haven't been able to put it off for long. A few of my bottoms and dress can't be wear cause I am FAT. OMG... Actually I am as fat as my secondary school years back in Form 4 and 5 but then I don't like it. Some of my clothes and jeans are brand new while some I only wore a few times and now I can't wear them :(

I lost the weight gained during CNY but put on 5kg during Shine (this is within 3 days ~ crazy right?). Been eating healthily recently and managed to shed my weight back but it's gone within 3 days. Hate it, hate it. Why is it so easy to gain weight but so hard to maintain my previous weight?

I had a very long conversation with my sister last night and found out that what I've been learning for a year at work is more than what she learnt after working 10 years. What she've learn is just 40% of what I am learning.

I would say my company is a good one as my foundation has been built very solidly. A good place that I started on whereby they train and help you to improvise and develop you to progress. The previous training had me to present in front of my CEO and CEO/higher ranking bosses of the sister's companies. And right now, I've been presenting to my company's COO on a one-on-one basis every 2 weeks. Today got a very good feedback from him. It's my 3rd time presenting to him and he said I have improved a lot but then I need to develop my own style. He said it's time for me to start presenting small campaigns to my client. Awesome but at the same time scary. Butterflies please go away.

I am happy at my own progression but at the same time scared that I am way behind my own goal.