Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

I think this is the remaining pictures I have. Deleted quite a lot as I totally forgotten where I went to for the food. So no point showing them inside this blog when I don't even know which eatery it was from.

Porridge at Seapark
I am not talking about the Teo Chew Porridge at Sun Fatt Kee Restaurant. I've been there too but didn't snap picture. I don't favour plain porridge as much as porridge with loads of ingredient inside. So, back to the porridge shop that I wanna talk about. It's the one called Restoran Yong Tau Foo Khong Kee.

The porridge has loads of ingredient inside: oyster, peanut, mushroom, century egg, etc etc. and it only cost RM4.50 per bowl. Yummy and very fulfilling.

Or you can  have the yong tau foo which is homemade. RM1 per piece of yong tau foo. A bit expensive but then I am willing to spend here lor.

Photo courtesy of Eat Makan Chi blog
They even have curry chee cheong fun.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun
The shop is at Taman Paramount, right opposite Giant. The address is:
No 22, Jalan 20/16A, Taman Paramount.

I still can't get proper direction over as my sister, Ray and colleagues love to use the "mouse route" over (as in going through housing area, turning through small lorongs to avoid the jam at LDP). According to other blogger, the operating hour is from 7am til 4pm. The shop is close every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Rating: 5/7

I don't really like the food here. Not an option if given. Chillis too as majority of the food there is beef. I would rather spend the money on other Western food eatery.


Beach Breakfast
You can get this breakfast set in PD. This is the one at PD Eating Point and cost only RM5. Although the food is just average, I actually snap shot the picture for Jess. I wanted to bring her here as all of us felt cheated by the one down at Sahara. The picture at Sahara featured a very big set of American Breakfast but actually only 1 piece of bread cut to half (not even toasted or Planta-ed), a hotdog cut into half, a very small spoon of red bean and an overcooked egg are served. Everyone felt cheated by Sahara boss for the portion and the price. It's RM6.90. Damn cheated but then some still order as the breakfast here is better than the one at Kopitiam. Not much of an option for us.

I wanted to bring her here for breakfast the last trip because she was unsatisfied with Sahara's breakfast but then she ffk us. Too bad.

This is a very big portion compared to the one down at the office.
Prawn Mee
One memory that will always follow when I go to Genting with family/relatives is stopping at GohTong Jaya or what we would call as 半山 for food. One of the best is stopping by for a bowl of hot prawn mee when the weather is so chilling. Or for the durian ice cream. Fully rich in durian rather than the processed, packaged durian ice cream.

From now on, gonna blog on time whatever place I went for food so that I don't forget about the picture taken. Hehe... Some of the pictures over these past 3 blogs about food are as far back as 2010.