Happy Happy Feet

The little penguin is so cute... So so so cute... Fluffy too. "It's so fluffy, I wanna die".

It's a cartoon so not much of an expectation towards it. The storyline is for little kids of course. A little too exaggerated. But it's a nice show to relax after a stressful week. Will the Krill and Bill the Krill is so funny. Feels a little gayish. Haha... Ramon's cute and Ray said it reminded him of D. Funny but I totally agree with him...^^

Rating: 3/7

Restaurant Well Cook Gourmet
Something quite different to hear of "fried laksa". It's located at my childhood neighbourhood at SS14/2. The place that my family always go out and eat, da bao... 

Rating: 4/7 (I can't say it's very very yummy but it's special).

Between walking distance is the famous fried chicken. I use to know the coffee shop owner's daughter as we were in the same kindergarten. Trust me it's way back to 1993. But then I don't remember her name or how she look though. Haha...

Not only that, there's the best economical rice to get. Daddy and mummy used to da bao dishes from the aunt if mum don't cook. Surprisingly she is still there but then very pricey already. Not like last time. Next to the stall will be the nasi lemak and fried chicken shop. The fried chicken only starts to sell at 2.30pm onwards and you gonna queue for it.

Dessert Bar - Taylor's University (Lakeside Campus)
Wondering if Dessert Bar is still around. Now you know how long all this food picture being taken but I didn't blog about it. I think back in early 2010 or late 2009.

Think it's expensive @RM7.90 and not as super yummy as Patty describe.
Patty loves it a lot but CK and I think it's so so only.
Patty's birthday cake back in 2010.
Not too keen about the cake since I don't really favour carrot cake.
I remember that cake is a bit dry.
I even miss the Sister Crispy Popiah there. That's the place to get a reasonable and cheap food compared to the cafeteria. Although I can get Dessert Bar and Sister Crispy Popiah elsewhere, the one at campus brings a very different feeling. Of course, this is before the Broadwalk is ready. I left college before Broadwalk that block is fully completed. We shifted to the Lakeside while certain part is still under construction. I went there after the whole project was completed and completely amaze as it's so commercialized but then it's a good place to go for photography. Pretty. I knew Sister Crispy Popiah isn't there already as I walked pass the spot that it used to be at, not sure if it's relocated or not though. Dessert Bar? Not sure cause I didn't go there.

Talking about the Lakeside Campus, right now you can actually find Starbucks there. If it opened earlier before I left, I think I would have spend a lot of time there. Love the environment and ambiance this place is able to give. Although I am not a coffee drinker (I think I am caffeine intolerance, I get bad gastric after drinking coffee), I still love this place. I always go for coffee-free drink here. Loves the chocolate chip, signature hot chocolate, green tea frap, vanilla frap, hazel nut chocolate...
I would rarely go for the dessert/food here as I always come here for the drink and sit there to chat/loiter/spending time alone reading. Have had a few of the cake here sharing with D. I think they are okay only.

Brother brought cakes for our Chinese birthday (sis and I). Thanks ♥
Comparing the few outlets that I always visit ~ SS2 with D, SS15 with CK and friends, Giant Kelana Jaya (after work), JayaOne during lunch, Uptown with Ray or D, Pyramid and 1Utama, I prefer the one at SS2 as it offers more privacy compared to SS15 where there's so many people walking around. The drink at 1U is not as nice.

New Paris SS2
I love coming here for rice and vege. Fast, good and reasonable in price. Been to this shop even before I stay in KL permanently. From double-storey to 3 or 4-storeys. And til expanding to a few shop lots.

A must call is the watermelon chicken. O... the salted egg fried mantis shrimp (lai liu ha) is awesome too.

Pontian Wanton Mee
This is the one located at SS2. In conclusion, the food not nice. That's all I can say. I wouldn't go back for a round 2. A bit pricey too because of the portion. 

Looks decent only.
You know where's nice for wan tan mee? Go to the one at Aman Suria. They are famous for the Char Siew. I don't remember the exact name of the shop but there's a "Seremban" in the name. O... It's called The Famous Seremban Favourite. Found it in KY Speaks Blog. It's awesome. Thanks to Ray who promised CK that he will make sure I "肥肥白白" and he even promised my EX manager (just last Wednesday) that he will take good care of me.

Kedah Assam Laksa (Alisan)
The other day he brought me for Assam Laksa (Kedah's style) near Taman Bahagia LRT Station. It's an open air food stall or in Chinese: dai bai tong. It's yummy and just right. I love sourish food so love it til the max. Sour and not very spicy but Ray was sweating badly. Haha...

The noodle used is not the usual lai fan you ate. Quite special.
It's a self service shop located behind a row of shoplots (behind Perodua showroom).

It was even featured by Ho Chak! I think the shop is only open for dinner as I've been there during broad day light for showroom visit but the hawker stalls are not there. So, I've never paid attention to the stall here before. 
It's very reasonable in price too. If not forgotten it's around RM4 per bowl of assam laksa and RM0.70 per piece of chai koay.

Mua Chi
Remember that I've blogged about Lot 10 Hutong before? Here's the mua chi picture. The mua chi here is so soft and yummy but I think the 2nd time I bought it, the lychee mua chi is a bit tasteless. 

Mua chi from Lot 10 Hutong Street
Talking about mua chi reminded me of the aunty at Genting Kelang. Just right opposite Sky Restaurant. She sells bread and mua chi as well. Kinda misses college life. It brings back memory as she will always cut to very small bites (I requested for it and from then on, she remember every time I go over). She also will give more when my ex accompany me over to buy so that we can share. Although the one at Hutong is a lot nicer and of course more pricey, the one at Genting Kelang has sentimental value :) How I miss being a student.

Price: RM5.90 for one portion. Around RM8 for mix of 4 flavours. But then actually you can mix the flavours that you want. You can request for it. Only the mix of 4 flavours is more expensive because they give you more in portion.

I've blogged about KTZ before. But this time, I went there not for the sai mai lou but the tong sui. Bought the black sesame and made it my dinner. 

Taste nice. Very thick/kao but a little too sweet though.