In Time for New Insights

Did something last weekend that I would never have done alone last time - eat out and movie on my own. If it's the previous me, I would never have do it. I dislike the feeling of eating alone and if I really have to, I made sure that it's a very quick one which would not last more than 10 minutes. But this time, it's different. I purposely went out to The Curve and had my own meal and movie. As I was left with 30 minutes to grab my lunch before the movie starts, I headed to McD (as usual, my fav and I haven't been eating it for few weeks).

Tried the new Classic Chicken McDeluxe. I think the burger's okay only and my fresh tomato is missing :( (My tomato gone missing. I love my fresh tomato til the extend I would take them away from my boss and manager's plate). The burger is a bit too salty. I prefer the normal McChicken instead or GCB would be nicer.

With the short 30 minutes I have, I sat there reminiscing the me from a year back *while eating*. I gained a new insight about myself. I never notice the changes as I slowly changed/adapt to changes. Comparing the me a year back and now really makes a vast different. Just eating a meal out alone and enjoying it til the max would never have happened a year back.

I even challenged myself to watch a movie on my own and incredibly, I found myself to be enjoying it a lot. It ain't that scary at all. I used to fear the thought of going to the cinema on my own but I have overcome it and realized that I am more independent than I thought. I no longer fear of doing things alone, no longer need to depend on others for companionship. And one very important thing I realized was that I get happy easily over small little things in my life. I become grateful with all the small little blessing in disguise ~ when it rains when I want it to, when I can leave work by 7pm, when someone left something on my work desk, the morning sun when I walk to office.....

I just gain another insight today after the ECD called for a short team meeting. I learnt that I ain't just an adman/person. I am working in a communication field which encompasses the conventional advertising line to digital and also ideation. And also the need for marketing strategy. I should not view myself as working in an ad agency but a communication agency. And I like the idea that I am working with someone well-respected. Who holds to life principle and conscience & never to play dirty even if you are losing. I liked what he said that fear is good as it gets you mean* and alert but fear is bad if it becomes an obstacle. Fear is substantial so that you will not slack. It helps you to be aware of your own weaknesses and improvise from there. Not letting it to obstruct you but getting you to improvise yourself and work harder. Thanks for the new insight AT.

*Mean here referring to good.

With the mentioning of "In Time" at the title, of course it's about the movie. I went and watch it on my own since my friends ain't that interested while I heard so many comments about the movie, the good and the bad. I do agree that it has a very interesting concept but the movie could be better. You can even hear laughter in the cinema hall at some jokes though it's a bit slow and I heard comment from the back row audience that it's boring. I wouldn't say it's that bad though as you might be thinking about the concept after that. What if it really become a reality that everyone stops aging at the age of 25 and your time is equivalent to your money and life. How would you go around with that? Interesting.

Rating: 3/7

I like Amanda Seyfried's style in the movie. Different from her blond hair and particularly love her eyes. Justin Timberlake acting is quite ok for a singer to say. I only remember watching him in the movie "The Social Network" and don't remember seeing him in other movies or I should say I've never watch his other movies.

I usually blog while I watch movie but today's movie "Love You  You" caught me stopping and watch it til it finished. I like it. The part that captivate my attention when Le Le's journal was review. I'm touched even though it's so obvious like in any love story. You know what will happen but still fall for it. But I didn't cry. I love the song and I love the storyline and the other story behind the dessert name: 我的海洋之心”:有一个渔夫,爱上了一个女孩,可女孩把心藏在海底,渔夫怎么也打捞不到。于是渔夫试着把女孩的心做成一道甜点,这样他就感受到女孩的存在......

Rating: 4.5/7 (Movie) 6/7 (Song)