When all hell break lose

Have you think of the position that you have put me in today? WTH. I wonder if it's for better or for worst but it definitely going to serve as a catalyst for me. Don't know what to say.

Any way. Here's a message from me to the AM who leaves me :(
Remember last week you were asking me this question randomly (what are you going to say during my obituary?), I was speechless because I really don’t know and “choi”, touch wood *I am superstitious. Hehe…*

I really got no idea what I will say but I definitely know what I wanted to tell you now. I will miss you a lot. Without the “Fun”, the “Fact” will be very boring and dull.

And do you know what the main purpose of this message is? You asked me not TO MAKE YOU CRY. So, PLEASE don’t CRY. Haha… *Don’t call me bitch right now, k?* =p (It’s gonna be quite long, so save your tears for later).

My first impression towards you: This person looks so strict and serious. Wondering what is his working style but never mind since he is not my immediate manager. I don’t think it will affect my working style. But just the same day after meeting client, you requested me to pass half my job load to you. I was speechless. I was pondering if I could really pass to you my jobs when you just came in without knowing anything about the job. Sorry I doubted you as I have a very strong ownership to the work I was following especially after the first launch *you know what my worries are about la…* And I was unable to let go off the things that I do (paranoid after my college experience *you should know*).

You broke the ice during the first time we travelled to Rawang together. Just me and you, when you started to say: “I tell you something but please don’t let anyone know”. To let you know the truth, I would never confide to anyone I barely know and you are the first and OMG I just met you less than a month.

You changed me. I started to learn and trust, to be more open and being damn noisy in the office. I wasn’t as noisy before you came to Naga. My image spoilt. “Bad influence”. And I need to let you know of this, you don’t just offer me the support that I need, but it’s more than that. You protected me like a big brother. I like it when you always stand in front of me, covering me (protecting me). And last Friday’s experience is damn funny wei. And you are still the one at the “frontline”. Thanks.

 Like me and you?

Usually I always have a distance/gap between people who has higher authority than I do which I never seem to be able to remove. But you made it seems so easy. I can play and kacau you too. Remember the Halloween? Hehehe…

Not to be forgotten, our fruit juice diets which we had ended up with pasta, Kenny Rogers and Shih Lin Chicken. Plus our ChaTime sessions especially the weekend that we went for our showroom visits. Some more say wanna lose weight. So hard wei… And my fruit session and you balls session make it even harder... =(

You taught me a lot; fill me with a lot of general knowledge and lots of fun. Oh… You made me sarcastic but mostly towards you. Haha… Although it’s just a short 4 months, I really am gonna miss not having you around the office. Hopefully we will be able to work together again.

By the way, PLEASE don’t CRY NOW. Stay awesome… I mean “cun” before you leave. Hahaha... Keep in touch and like you said, ChaTime session during the weekends.