2012 Resolution

Last weekend shopping came home with 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 cloth, 1 pair of shoes, 2 accessories and other miscellaneous for daily usage (Eg: Contact lenses solution). Hehehe...♥ Such a shopaholic but don't worry, I am still in control. Keeping all those for next year CNY. Or maybe not the dress since it's all black.

Loving my shoes ♥
Last time this year I was with my family, this time this year, I am with my family as well ♥ Lucky they are around. Feel sick not just physically but emotionally. Sigh... I don't even know what I am feeling. Personal or work? Both I think. Some times I wonder if anyone really sense what I am feeling even though everyone being saying that I look very cheerful.

It's almost end of the year and I should set my new year resolution fast. Actually I already have a few in mind including some carry forward from this year because they weren't achieved due to some reason...

Looking back at my last year's resolution post, before blogging about my resolution, a friend was encouraging me to undergo an operation to get new bf in 3 months. Until now, I still agree that "there's no point forcing yourself into a relationship with the wrong people just because you want a bf/gf and not because you like that person. And there's no point starting a relationship that wouldn't bear any fruits".

Being single is actually quite nice as there's no restriction and total freedom of doing what I want. Unless there's someone who is really worth it to make me think otherwise.

It's been so long but everyone by my side always encourage me to get a bf. Even my office 爸爸 keeps trying to "match-make" me. Do I really look like such a weak person that I need someone to take care of me? Maybe yes. Some how I do want someone to be there for me but then some times, I don't want it. Complicated? Yeah, I don't even understand myself.

But then, I have a lot of people by my side. Like today, I called my dad to pick me home (he knows I am sick but I didn't tell him I was feeling extremely horrible). He agreed to pick me up that I rejected my manager's offer to send me home. But 5 minutes later, he called and said that he wouldn't come to fetch me back because my brother said the lane outside was flooded and asked me to walk home because the walking pathway is clear. But some how, my 爸爸 from the office insisted to send me home even though I told him that the lane was flooded.

Talking back about my previous resolution, I wanted my life to be a little slower but it still goes as rapid. In a blink of an eye, it's time to come up with a new resolution. So, here's my 2012 resolution:
  1. To find my own direction in life. To know what I want to do latest by end of Chinese New Year. It's going to be a very different route that I am taking next year and it will decide my path in life.
  2. To be independent - learn how to drive and get my own car (this is suppose to be my 2011 resolution but then I postponed it because I don't see the necessity to waste money especially on the petrol and maintenance. Now have to if I would to change job).
  3. To save enough to bring my parents for an oversea holiday.
  4. To be able to save for a house (This is ridiculous). Haha... Just talking for fun.
  5. ..... Can't think of any now since I don't even know what step I want to take next. All I can do is take this 1 month to think carefully.
I think I also need to reflect back to this year. Let's reflect on my resolution first:
  1. To learn how to drive and get my own car so that I can be independent (no longer need to depend on anyone). - Bring to 2012 as I want to save $$ first.
  2. To be able to shorten my probation period from 6 months to 3 months time. - Unable to do so because I was being bonded. My company damn smart.
  3. To be able to get and handle a project on my own. - Yes. Definitely. Requested to be able to try different client and my boss is putting me under 2 accounts now. 2 client - 1 old, 1 new. Hehe... Now I can expand my portfolio to FMCG. Yes ♥ Hopefully I can manage.
  4. To be more "loud" and socially active in the office (KPI given by CEO to my boss - to make me more socially active). - Achieved. I got myself a dad in the office that even people called us 父女 and a gang of friends to hang out with.
I am still living in the fast track although these 2 months I have completely slow down a lot. No longer go out so late. Didn't get to be a senior :'( which my ex-managers and most people think that I was being treated unfairly (hard to say. I don't want to judge). I met a lot of new friends and people and am very grateful for that especially getting to know my ex-manager (AK), Mr Penguin, D2 & Jess.

Experienced a lot of different things - Shine, office extreme 3-months internal training, holidays with friends, went to Chiang Mai, working with a lot of great people in the industry, started to drink for socializing purpose, hanging out with someone totally wrong early in the year, won lottery (only RM1++), cut short my hair and more...

I can wrap up 2011 now but hopefully 2012 will be more interesting. 2011 is still consider very plain. Hmm...