Mousedeer and the 80s X'mas

Thursday night, Kancil Award. Friday night Christmas. Drinking and drinking. Late night for 2 continuous day. Non stop supply of alcohol since 12pm in the office on a Friday. Such is the life of an advertiser. I was in the office til 12am last night. Three things in the life of agency people: alcohol, cigarette and late nights. This is extremely accurate and for me would be late nights and..... smoking (something that I hated a lot). Ain't much choice being an advertiser, you will eventually end up being one even though you are not a smoker.

My previous job got a merit ^^
This year is safer than last year's Christmas. No one asked me to drink any more. ^^ Even when I say I just want to drink fruit juice, they are alright with it. Pity Mr Penguin. Ever since the Crazy Tequila Night, everyone's been targeting to make him drunk. He was drunk and puking again yesterday. Can't do much but at least it ain't as bad as the previous time when he was completely knock out.

The theme of the Christmas party was the 80s. I didn't snap much picture as  you can see people wearing clothes out of the ordinary. You can see Madonna, Karate Kid and a lot of unexpected characters.

Trying to wear according to theme but not too exaggerated.
Pac Man ghost in the office.
Every year for our office, there's Christmas exchange gift but the Santa is never reveal. Last year I bought gift for someone whom I relatively got no idea who it was. This year, I bought for someone whom I know which is much easier to get a gift. I was planning to buy gift for the team like last year this coming weekend but Big Daddy overtook me and gave everyone something first.

My present... I think that person imitating my writing.
I wonder who is my secret santa.
I thought it was a thermos. But... it's not.
It's lollipop. ♥ D2 and me are guessing Ray is my secret Santa but...
very hard to say as I some times eat lollipop and goes around the office.
From left: Present from Big Daddy, 2010 X'mas present & 2011 X'mas present.
Til now I don't even know my secret Santa last year. But still I love them. ^^
Here's last year's Christmas present received in the office:

2010 present from Big Daddy with personalized message.
I ♥ this ring from my first manager.
Present from my ex AAD.
From another manager within the same team. ^^
Last but not least the present from secret Santa.
Today didn't go out to buy present. Tomorrow only got the time before going in to the office. It's easier to get gift for girls. I already know what to get for each and everyone of them but I don't know what to get for the guys. Headache. How? What to do? Especially I prefer personalizing gift I buy. Hopefully I can get something before I head back to office.