New Facebook Layout

The new Facebook Timeline is awesome. You should try it out since they are making it a permanent change on 26 Dec ~ my bff birthday. So coincidence.

I just realized that in my friend list, only those who works in advertising or my mass communication class mates changed to the new Timeline and also younger cousins (below 15 years old). We are more daring especially those working in the advertising/creative line. We need to be brave enough to explore anything new and always try to be the first to create something new.

Look at this Wing Heong's digital. It's so creative:

A trailer:

The official website:

I am learning a lot of thing within this year. Love what I am learning and am able to look at thing differently. Also love the following ads from the Kancil Award. They are awesome:
There's a few version to this ad
Feature another one more here.
Love this outdoor creative for Lego.
By O&M
Like the first two. This one so so only.
For full result, please visit the official link.