Secret Fear

Everyone has their own biggest fear. What's yours?

Mine could be something that you will laugh at but it's also my worst nightmare. I haven't have such nightmare for a long time but I had dreamt of roaches the other night. Whenever I think of cockroach, I sure see them at the streets and/or dream of it. Damn. I am so scare of it that Ray said that I might be the first one to die of heart attack because of cockroach (被蟑螂吓死).

It's not a secret. Any one who is a little closer to me will know that I am so scare of roaches. But the secret here is talking about Ronda Byrne Secret . The video was once shared in tutorial and I even read the book last month even though it's only a few chapters. I think it's quite true. It's about your thought. The one that decide whether you will be successful or not.

The gist will be something like this - if you keep thinking about a certain thing, that thing will happen. It's like I think of "cockroach", it will appear. Even if it's negative, "I don't want to see a cockroach", the thought is still about "cockroach" and as such it will still appear in front. Because it's the thought not about "I want" or "don't want". So, if you want success but keep worrying that you will fail, then you will definitely won't succeed. Apart from that, it's also about your action. Your action will show if your subconscious is in line with your thought.

24 June 2009 - The first roach I killed. Scared.
I am trying to overcome my fear but then it's still very hard. However, I can see improvement already. At least I don't cry right away any more. This definitely will take time.....