When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I am still not use to writing the year as 2012. I still need to correct 2011 to become 2012 especially when I am writing job reqs. Hehe...

I just realized that I am the only one using an ordinary handphone (not a smartphone) when the rest of the brand management department used an iPhone. Btw I was talking about wanting to buy an iPhone 4S because I have been so busy with the 2nd account that I got no time to go to my place and check my emails. Then my colleague was encouraging me to get one soonest possible because I am the only one out of 2 servicing not having one and it will help speed up my working if I wanna cope with 2 accounts. What do you think? I have been thinking of buying since iPhone 4 was out but my pattern of always delaying myself from being a shopaholic made me waited until the 4S is out. OMG. I really need to start pampering myself more. Hehe...

From left: My 2nd handphone Samsung, 3rd handphone Motorola L6,
my current two phones: SE T715a and Samsung Corby.
My first handphone Nokia 2100 not in pic.
I've been busy lately which is why I haven't been blogging. I haven't update my review on Mission Impossible and Jack & Jill. Gosh I wish I have more time. I'm about to go out soon how to review? Tomorrow maybe. I am gonna crash when I am home tonight.

I've been going home earliest at 12am the whole of last week (I am not being a bad girl but I've been working late). Except Wednesday that I went home at 9.30pm. I felt like being sleep deprive. Even so, I woke up early today to go to Bukit Gasing. It's my first time there but I don't think it will be my last as my brother said that "it's his first and last time going to Bukit Gasing" as it's quite tough.

I haven't do such "extreme" activity for a year and to suddenly start back it's a bit hard for me too especially I am physically exhausted. I wasn't in a very good condition especially I didn't have a thing before heading out. Usually I will grab a glass of milk before going out for an exercise but I was stopped by my brother for a chat while Mr Penguin was waiting for me downstairs. So, I ran off pretty quick and forgotten to gulp a packet of milk down.

I posted this on Facebook very recently "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" and I kinda like this. When you grow older, eventually people tend to stay in their comfort zone. But I have been doing a lot of thing for the first time recently:
  1. First new year going out and meet a lot of new people. The total of new people I met can be even out to be 1 new person a day since 1 Jan (should be more). 
  2. First time handling 2 clients and especially doing work related to cosmetic and fragrances/FMCG. I am still learning to cope with it since it's additional job to what's in my hand. Learning to time manage between two which is why I've been working late recently. Sendiri cari pasal for requesting to do 2 accounts while doing my appraisal? Not really. I am enjoying it. You need to sacrifice a little for the future.
  3. First time doing focus group plus being assign the responsibility of a note taker :). 
  4. First time drinking while brainstorming. I think it will be quite fun if I drink more but I need to stay sober for work the next day.
  5. First time going to Bukit Gasing.
  6. First time overcoming my fear of hanging bridges. I crossed the hanging bridge at Bukit Gasing and Mr Penguin told me that he saw my leg shaking badly. Haha.. =p
  7. First time working with a more micro-manage boss. Learning to manage expectation as well.
  8. First time being very healthy in the office. I have been making my own chrysanthemum and also yong sam sou "Foreign Ginseng Adventitial Roots" because I feel like I am falling sick. I am gonna lose my voice and I can't let myself fall sick. Not at this moment. Even when I felt like taking MC, I choose not to.
The bridge that I crossed. ^^
Being healthy. Added wolfberry to it. *No sugar added. ♥
There's a few more but I can't remember. I need to rush out cause I think my friend is arriving soon. I will blog more about my experience at Bukit Gasing, eye cream (adding 1 new segment for product since I am working on cosmetics now), 2 movie reviews, etc the next time. Catch you around soon.