31 January 2012

Tomorrow is Federal Territory Day but I have to start work tomorrow :(
Still holiday mood. Break not long enough ar... Haha...

I can't blog too long as I still haven't finish studying the book that I am supposed to read. I am now only at page 27 when there's more than 100 pages to be read. OMG!

I will blog about Langkawi this weekend as all the picture is in my sister's PC. It's not with me now. So can't blog about it. This time it will be in very detail compared to the previous time. I might blog about CNY if I am free these 2 days.

Loves the view here. It's so romantic. I will add more picture.
This is just a random shot from my phone (T715a)
Going over to Langkawi reminded me that nothing beats the first time. The food, the cable car, the experience up to the bridge of Mount Machinchang.

I would say that the first feeling/experience will always be the hardest to be forgotten and nothing can be compared to it. The first time you tasted something really good but going there the 2nd/3rd time you will never get that same feeling even though it is still good or maybe the standard has changed. I guess there's always the how you define the event/experience and how strong that feeling is to you.

Remember that I blogged about first time as well? The question of "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" was being popped up. It's funny that it's a very different approach for this post compared to the previous. But I still love the question "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" At least this will make me go further than to stay in my comfort zone of not trying something new, only to regret later ^^