4 Jan 2012

2nd working day of the year. Started my 1st 2 working days of 2012 busily. Last night til 10pm but not all work is done. Today also til 8.30pm and the delayed work is still unfinished. Felt unproductive though. :-(

Any way, I was feeling so down and moody but I am feeling happy and want to do more now. Such big mood swing. But I think working keeps me feeling productive and happy. At least I am doing something. ^^ 

Gonna keep this short and simple so that I can do some work before going to bed. 

Wow. Just a while ago I was talking about keeping this blog simple so I can do some work but I actually done some of it while the remaining one I am leaving it for tomorrow *cause I need to come up with ideas and my brain juice is dry out now. So many nights sleeping less than 4 hours, nightmarish, restless night is killing me. I can only start thinking of idea in the morning while I am still fresh. And I can blog more now. Haha...

The weather is hot man. So crazy. If I know how to swim, I would have go down to the pool. Don't say that I am crazy because I am just different from whom I used to be. I have been looking at things more differently. Today's brainstorming is also very different as I am doing cosmetic, fragrance, skin cares rather than cars. Nope. I am not changing portfolio but doing additional one. :-) *Fingers-crossed that I can learn more and also improvise my strategic thinking. I think this portfolio has more room towards that.

1st present received this year ♥ 1 Jan 2012.
2nd present for this year. I shared this on Facebook stating 2012 new year's gift.
Noticed the Starbucks planner behind? Did it on purpose while I shared it on Facebook. ♥
I wanted to post my reviews on Mission Impossible and Jack & Jill. But I think it will be in the next post. Want to get a rest now. Good night. ^^