Sherlocks Holmes Review

"Sherlock Holmes, 2.30pm, 1 person". Yes, ONE. You heard me right. :)

I guess I am not the same me any more. Being more random, being more..... unlike me? And mood swing being more extreme. I went out in a very happy mood but I ended up feeling very down in the evening. Funny right?

I think that the movie is average only but wonder why when I Googled, there's so many positive reviews about it.The movie is a bit dull that the guy sitting next to me fell asleep. Omg. He even snored. I don't think the movie is very bad but still fine. Some of the part is funny and entertaining.

Rating: 3/7 3.5/7

I grew up with Sherlock Holmes but never remember the story at all. Only remember Holmes and Dr Watson. I like Dr Watson. I remember him but never remember the story. All I know is that it's detective story. I was thinking about this while watching the movie ~ Dr Watson is the type of person I like but in the end, I would have chosen Sherlock Holmes. The way he thinks intrigue people.  I think that makes him interesting. Although Watson would be someone more stable, I guess the more mysterious a person is, the more you would be attracted to him/her. It's just the same that girls are attracted to bad guys rather than good one. Like what other people say "犯贱".

Yesterday was my first time meeting my client for the other account that I am starting to do. I was thinking very hard about the first impression I wanted to make. Then on the same day, a discussion pop up on impression (not me starting it and I maintain quiet throughout that discussion), it mentioned which is more important ~ first impression or lasting impression? Of course it's the latter but then, first impression usually last as well. This is learnt from the subject "Introduction to Human Communication" way back during diploma which study on human psychology. You can't change a person's first impression towards you but you can change a person's view point towards you. Which is why, in human communication, first impression is just as important.

I wonder if I am too formal. I usually wear very casual to work unless meeting client but my style has changed while meeting the client that I serviced for a year. I am quite casual meeting them. Jean skirt, polo T, etc. But I am trying to change my style. Not to be too little girl any more. I need to grow and be more mature.