Darkest Hour

Revised my previous post. Giving Sherlock Holmes a higher rating compared to this movie. It's better compared to The Darkest Hour. I will only rate The Darkest Hour 2/7. I think around there. My friend rated it 6/10 but I think I am giving it lower 3/10 while Sherlock Holmes is 5/10. Lucky it's a free ticket. Not much of a storyline and I was lost half way through the movie. I think I have zone out half way through. Hehe...

I was out shopping alone again. This time mission is to buy new keyboard which has spoilt for a week. So difficult living without keyboard which is why I have been blogging lesser. Hehe... I am addicted to buying books. I need someone to stop me from going to book shops.

Isk... The Hello Kitty card which I anticipated since a few months back is not going to come out due to stock limitation :-( E... But I don't like the current pink and white strip card that is consider limited edition. Don't like it since it was out. Can I just request to get that card for me? Just me alone? *Sob*