Last working day of the month. Yeah... Clearing my remaining 2011 leave ^^

I wanted to share this a long time ago when it went viral. I wonder which creative Agency does this. It's very good.

They made it look like Youtube but actually it's not. Smart. The even have a trailer for it on Youtube:

Although we work in the creative industry and know how does things work, my colleague said that she bought Wing Heong also because of the viral video.

A success of a viral video is how widely it is shared among others (awareness level will be higher). See the below Chinese New Year viral video and you will know. On the first day it was posted, the video has over 40,000 viewers. So cool. It is really style like the annoying orange.

Compare to the following video, it has a higher viewership. It's almost triple the viewership.

But then I would say that this video is very very creative. Even the cinematography is very good. The ghost part really will make people has goose bumps.

I am overloading you all with videos here but have to or else I will forget or become lazy about it. Hehe...

The following video is very sweet. The advertising is so clear here but good one as they can feature so many client's inside:

This bank ad is consider the latest viral compared to the following:

Because of this video I am being called 8072 by my friends. I always don't know how to response :)